Welcome to Manurewa Central School

We are aware these are anxious times for our families.

Many of you have been asking about ways to continue children’s learning and these instructions are being shared with you, however we have no expectation that you will replace the role of school teacher over the time that children are away from school.

This means that we do not expect you to make up worksheets, buy special resources for learning or insist that you and your children spend the day working on schoolwork.

We are not suggesting that you homeschool your children.

The best thing you can do is to spend time with them. There are lots of ideas on our school website to help you with this. But don’t forget the ‘oldies’ e.g. kick a ball, swing from the clothes line, make mud pies, read stories together, tell jokes, involve them in home chores/jobs and talk, talk, talk.

Show them that everything will be ok.  In this way you will be preparing them for when school restarts.

As we enter this lockdown period we understand that your children will miss their friends at school, their teachers and the people they see every day. You are their caregivers - you know them the best and can provide the greatest support.

Take care of yourself, take care of others, stay safe.

School Vision

Our vision is for our tamariki who:
- are inspired to 'dream big'
- value the diversity of themselves, others and their wider world
- have the potential to shape the future
- believe
in themselves and take pride in their achievements
- are connected as 'global citizens'
- have the courage, perseverance and resilience to participate confidently as 'life-long learners'.

Welcome to Term 2