Some lucky, but fast middle and senior school students were chosen to be in the interschool cross country team. The team practised every lunch hour until the day of the competition.

Mr Hunt was our coach and he taught us the importance of running at an even pace so that we didn’t burn out too quickly.

The interschool competition was held at Mountford Park and there were separate races determined by year group and gender. Our runners all worked incredibly hard to prepare for the competition and their hard work paid off.

As a school we enjoyed some fantastic results with multiple first placings. I’m sure that most of the runners will be back to compete next year!

Cross Country Results

Congratulations to the following winners of the school cross country.

Place: Year 3 Girls Year 4 Girls
First: Bhavandeep Kaur Evaine Falelogi
Second: Chloe Alexander Alex Kett
Third: Gurleen Kaur Jane Pearse
Place: Year 3 Boys Year 4 Boys
First: Mark Ball Rangi Waenga
Second: Cole Readings Jamal Todd
Third: Jonti-Armani Graham Brooklyn Baker
Place: Year 5/6 Girls Year 5/6 Boys
First: Kallani-Jayde Rogers Gareth Mirko
Second: Moishna Moeen Kanwar Lubana
Third: Vika Koloto Eilbarra Shaba