Duffy Books in Homes


Did you know that Duffy turned 21 years old in June?

Some of our classes had a birthday party for Duffy with games, songs, balloons and birthday cake. Yum!

This term we also acknowledged and celebrated 3 mums or aunties who were 'Caught being Good' and presented them with a Duffy book.

Congratulations to Danielle - Tyson-Luca (R8) and Addison's (R5) auntie, Noeline Reid - Zak's (R19) mum and Lana Perese, Eva's (R11) mum.

Duffy books for Book Offer 2, sponsored by the government, were given to children on Monday afternoon at buddy-class reading. School holidays will be the perfect time to curl up with a book and read, read, read.