ESOL Teaching Staff

Mrs Clare Scott

Mrs Clare Scott has been teaching in ESOL for seven years. She enjoys working with the students and doing a variety of activities together.

Mrs Scott's hobbies are going to the beach, walking her dogs, doing family things and writing.

When she was younger she loved writing stories and now she is a well known New Zealand author of children's books.

Teaching in ESOL is challenging and very rewarding.

Mrs Gail Holmes

Mrs Gail Holmes works two days a week in ESOL.

She loves being a teacher and working with students who have English as a second language. It keeps her very busy and she doesn't get tired of doing this job.

She enjoys teaching the english language to students who come from a variety of cultures and countries. She gets to learn from her students too.

Mrs Holmes enjoys gardening and her favourite food is seafood chowder.

Mrs Holmes loves working with the other teachers as they have lots of fun.

Mrs Denise Mosen

Mrs Denise Mosen started teaching in the ESOL department in 2011 and has been a teacher at Manurewa Central since 1997.

She works three days a week with the ESOL students and loves it because every day is different.

There is so much to learn from everyone and we have a lot of laughs together.

Mrs Mosen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, gardening and shopping!

Teaching ESOL students is very rewarding and the children are always so keen to learn.

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