General Knowledge-a-thon

Every year our school holds a general knowledge-a-thon involving all pupils of the school. The test comprises 50 questions that we have researched.

We also seek sponsors with the money raised used to buy essential equipment for our school. The questions are based on a variety of subjects such as mathematics, geography and history.

The test is educational but it is also lots of fun. How many of these questions (for year 5 and 6 pupils) can you answer?

We first began our general knowledge-a-thon in 1989. Since then we have raised a lot of money to support the day to day functioning of our school.

The money has been used to purchase playground equipment, for example, some new soccer balls, moon hoppers, pogo sticks and frisbees.

The money is also used to organise other big events happening in the school. This year we raised approximately $12,000

N.B. If your school would like to find out about general knowledge-a-thon, you are welcome to contact our Deputy Principal,