Manurewa Central Primary School

2016 Honours List


Award Trophy Recipient
Most Improved Swimmer (Turner Memorial Cup) SHIVANI SHARMA
Most Outstanding Swimmer (Logan Cup) ROSA McQUOID
Interhouse Swimming Shield (C.C. Taylor & G. Xraig Shield) WEKA HOUSE
Contribution to School Hockey (McHaffie-Green Cup) BRODEY GOODALL
Girls Athletic Cup (Shirley Cup) RILEIGH CAMPBELL
Boys Athletic Cup (Ross Cup) LEVI GWYNNE
House Competition (Shield) TUI
Girls Sportsmanship (J.Jenkins Cup) SOFIA BAKER
Boys Sportsmanship (J.Jenkins Cup) JAYDIS LAMBERT
Excellence in ICT (Pennington Cup) THEA-ROSE WILLCOCKS
Visual Arts (McNab Family Cup) GURLEEN KAUR GREWAL
The Performing Arts (Le Gallais Cup) BROOKE MAIAVA
Contribution to the Arts(Language) (A.Schutz Cup) DAKOTA MUIR
Contribution to the School Library (Zanzottera Cup) ABIGAIL MIRKO
Speech Competition (Cooper Cup) EVA PERESE-WOOD
Contribution to Cultural Activity (Hayden Taupaki Memorial Cup) CHLOE CHONG
Achievement in English Language Learning (Dowden Cup) SHANYA KUMAR
Most Outstanding Pasifika Student (Le Mamea Cup) SHEMAIAH FOTI
Science and Technology (Lawson Cup) THEA-ROSE WILLCOCKS
Excellence in Mathematics (Hsiao Trophy) JENNIFER ZENG
House Relay Shield (J.Jenkins & T.Willis Shield) WEKA HOUSE
For Empathy Shown To Others (Whittingham Cup) HARE HEMOPO
Determination and Perseverance (Fowler Cup) ABBY CASEY
School Leadership (Roa Cup) TIANA THOMSON
Contribution to School Life (Mudannayake Cup) TIANA THOMSON
Excellence of Effort (Mainfreight Award) JAGRITH NARAYAN
Attitude Towards School (Brown Cup) MEHAR KAUR
Runner up to the Dux (Matich Cup) TIANA THOMSON