House Captains 2018

Our school has four houses named after birds. They are Huia, Tui, Kaka and Weka.

Each house has two house captains. They are presented with a special badge to wear.

During the course of the year houses compete for points. Points are awarded in class for task behaviour or good deeds and at sporting events.

The points are calculated at the end of each week and the winning house flag is flown for the next week.

At the end of the year the house points will contribute to determining which house wins the house shield at the senior school prize giving.

The house captains are responsible for running the school sports' shed and for helping to organise any special sporting activities. They have been very busy this year helping with the swimming carnival, cross country, athletics and the skip-off day.

House Captain's Badge

Here is a photo of our House Captain badge.



  • Emmanuel Banatu

  • Brendon Soi



  • Sebastian Richards

  • Tavita Moses



  • Jashandeep Jaura

  • Lachlan Gifkins



  • Ashton Woodhouse

  • Manaaki Thomson