Jump Off Afternoon

Jump, double under, dipsy doodle, bell, side swing, the wobble, twist, skier and razzle dazzle.

What is this all about?

For those who know, these are jump rope steps that you can learn and become good at, but you need to practise hard.

Children skipping
Children skipping

On Wednesday 3 November the senior school had a jump off afternoon so we could show off how good we were at skipping.

10 stations were spread out and each group had 2 minutes to show what they could do. Some were individual, but others you could jump with a partner or with lots of other children. These were the long rope activities.

The double-dutch was quite hard and lots of children couldn't even get into the the 2 ropes to begin to skip!

Miss Alsari was very good at this though.

Teachers were checking out good skippers, those who were trying really hard and those who were just keeping on skipping.

They were given house points to be counted up for the day and at the end of the day it was Huia with the most points.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and also helped people to stay fit.

Thank you to Miss McHugh for organising the fun time for us.