Outdoor Education Week

Planning for next year’s outdoor education week is complete. The senior school can look forward to participating in a week of action including swishing down snowy slopes, completing a high rope rocket course, whizzing through the air on a flying fox, jet boating and kayaking on the harbour, outdoor cooking and a flight up, up and away over Auckland.


We do not need to travel to the Central Plateau or beyond to experience the thrill of snow boarding or skiing. Snowplanet provides all of the thrills and spills that only a snowy, cold slope can.

Instructors give the children all of the basics they need to take the plunge and glide down the indoor slope. Free time to experiment and improve skiing techniques ensures that the children have a lot of fun. Waterproof gloves and lots of warm layers of clothes are a must!

Rocket Ropes

Rocketing along ropes that are fastened at differing heights will be a challenge for everyone. Hopefully it’s not too windy as you perch 4.5m to 9m above the ground staring down into Butterfly Creek! Or maybe it will be the crocodile course that will test your resolve!

How game will you be to crawl through a barrel and deal with a spider’s web when you could be 6m above the ground?

In School Activities

Swimming in the pool, putting up tents, orienteering and cooking hamburgers are all part of the in-school fun day.

This involves all of the children and many of our parents in a fun filled day that leaves everyone feeling quite exhausted.

How Flying Used to Be....

Based at Ardmore Airport is a classic 1940’s DC3 plane. It is this plane that will take two trips of children on a flight to look down on Auckland’s volcanoes, the beaches of the North Shore, the harbour bridge, city centre, the Sky Tower, the airport and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

This trip will also give the children the chance to look around Ardmore Airport. This is New Zealand’s busiest airport. There is also a number of old planes that have been beautifully preserved which the children can peer right into. They can only begin to imagine how pilots from yesteryear ever managed to stay cramped in these planes for numerous hours at a time.

Jet Boating and Kayaking

Life jackets on, hold on tight, we’re off! Full speed ahead in a classy jet boat is one way to travel around Auckland Harbour.

Groups of children will whizz around the harbour in an adventure packed tour. Just imagine how it will feel to experience fishtails, spins and power brake stops in the middle of the harbour? Sheer speed alone will exhilarate anyone who participates in this adrenalin rush.

This day will be coupled with an opportunity to experience kayaking on the shores of the harbour well out of the way of the jet boats! Ferg’s kayaks will provide instructors and all the equipment to ensure that the children enjoy a more sedate means of water travel!

Although don’t get too complacent! The activities do include swappa boat, ball tag and boat dancing. Lots of sea legs will be tested on this day!