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Entrepreneurs At Work.

We have created and designed our own inventions.

They have to be something that would be helpful to others, and had to make money for our newly formed company.

Our company CFOWARD decided to invent special glasses that would assist blind people by being specially programmed to navigate them around their environment — like a personal audio Sat Nav for eyes.

We learned that someone might peek over your shoulder and steal your idea so we had to apply for a Patent ,which means we are the only people who can use our design.

We then drew blueprints to show how we would construct these glasses and the supertech programmes and software needed.

Finally we built a prototype and we made some changes with advanced technology along the way to make our product even better.

Now we are trying to sell our product to consumers who need it.

Soon Tavita, Jacy, Ashton and Renee will be millionaires...we hope.