Welcome to Room 2

Group picture of Room 2 children

Room 2 News

The cenotaph is outside our main gates of school.

We noticed lots of crosses and flowers which led to lots of questions, talking and thinking in our classroom.

We know that ANZAC Day is a time to remember the brave soldiers whom went to war.

In our classroom we made a poppy wreath, listened to stories, sang the national anthem and baked Anzac biscuits.

We also made our own recipe in the hope that we never have a war again.

A Recipe for Peace

1 cup of sharing, 1 cup of listening, ½ cup of talking nicely, ½ cup of gentle hands, 1 tablespoon of smiles, 1 pinch of kindness.
Stir it in a bowl.
Cook it in the oven.
Share it with everyone.