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School Holidays

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Year 1-3 Swimming Celebrations 2023

Water confidence and swimming skills will be celebrated in pod groups, each pod on a separate afternoon from 1.45 - 3pm.

Times may vary slightly for each pod, please check with your child's teachers.

Whānau and friends are invited to share this time with their child/children at the school pool.

POD Teacher Celebration Date
- Year 1/2
Miss Ihaka, Mrs Latu, Miss Searle Wed 22 March
- NE / Year 1
Miss Robinson, Mrs Saurara, Miss Lamb, Miss Sampson Fri 24 March
- Year 2
Miss Cameron, Miss Truong, Mr Bygate Tues 28 March
Tī Kōuka
- Year 3
Mrs Simpson, Mrs McGrath, Miss Enderby Tues 28 March

Community News

Please come and share our learning and fun.

Please note: Only MCS children in the pod may swim at this time.

Shaded seating is minimal for parents and whānau.

Please wear a hat and sunscreen.