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Enrolment and Entry to School

We look forward to you joining us at MCS


Welcome to Manurewa Central School

We are excited to have your whānau join ours as your 5 year old starts school.

When your child starts school, they will be in a classroom within a team of New Entrant/Year 1 children. Your child will be placed in that entry classroom with their class teacher on their first school visit.

The 3 separate NE /Year 1 classes will work together as a team. These classes will grow to about 18 students with their teacher and a teacher aide.

As these classes fill some children will transition to a Year 1 learning space and when this space is full, the entry/Year 1 classes will fill and close for the remainder of the year.



Enrolments are made through our school office. When enrolling your child please bring their birth certificate (or passport) and immunization records.

If you live within our school zone, please bring proof of residence (one utility statement). If you are enrolling a student on a visa please provide a copy of the student visa.

School visits are an opportunity for your child to meet their teacher and the students in their class.

We recommend your child attend at least 2 school visits on Fridays during the weeks leading up to their fifth birthday. These visits, 9-11am may be booked at our school office when you enrol your child. Please arrive at the office by 8.50am. Whānau are not required to stay for the school visit.

A variety of activities take place during these visits and your child will become familiar with the people, routines and places around their classroom and the school.

Children may enrol to start school on or close to their fifth birthday.


Starting school should be an exciting experience for all children. We recognise that for many children adjustments are required and we try to make the transition to school as smooth as possible.

Some of the changes your child will face are:

  • getting to know new classmates and adults in a new and unfamiliar learning space
  • learning to find their way around a new, larger environment
  • getting used to set times for working, eating and playing

Most children settle quickly from the first day. However some children may feel excited or anxious and this can be upsetting for families. We have found that most children settle very quickly once the good-byes are over. If you have any concerns about this please talk to your child’s teacher.

After your child has been at school for 4-6 weeks, we encourage you to please make a time to meet the teacher, to discuss how your child has settled at school, early learning and ways we can work together to support you and your child. If you wish to discuss any matters at all prior to this meeting, please arrange a time with your child’s teacher.

Children are encouraged to be independent by being responsible for their belongings and getting themselves organised for school (e.g.. hanging their bag up, getting their book bag out, sunhat etc.).

They should be able to use the toilet without supervision and have clothing that unfastens easily. Should toileting accidents happen, a change of clothes in your child’s bag would be great. Parents can help by encouraging their child to do the above things on their own.



Encouraging children to be independent

  • dressing and undressing themselves
  • naming all belongings
  • providing a change of clothes
  • discouraging the bringing of lollies, toys or other special items to school
  • ringing or emailing the school if your child is going to be away
  • providing a school sunhat and sun block during the summer months (Terms 1 & 4)
  • encouraging children to read their home reader and practice their word card each day
  • ensuring that swimming togs are brought on swimming days - this is our summer PE programme (Term 1)
  • talking with your child about their day, their learning, their friends and things that interest, excite or worry them about school

More information to support your child's learning journey will be available on entry to school.


School Uniform


Encouraging children to be independent

We do not have a school uniform. We encourage whānau to dress children in season appropriate clothing.

Please provide a cap or sunhat for your child in Terms 1 and 4. Naming your child’s clothing will help us to return it to you.

Food at School


Please ensure you provide a packed lunch and snacks each day.

KidsCan supplement children's lunches by providing snacks in every class.

Fresh fruit is provided in school each day.

Water is our preferred drink, please give your child a fresh water bottle every day


We celebrate...






Important Dates

  • 26 April 2023 - First day of Term 2

For students starting school for the first time, please ensure before School checks are complete and any referrals followed up.nurse

Please ensure we have any important medical information for your child.


If there is anything that you would like to ask about, please do not hesitate to ask our
Deputy Principal, Sandy Griffin -
our Office Manager, Kristal Davis -