Manurewa Central School


It was a miserable wet Thursday afternoon and we thought that hockey would be cancelled but it wasn't.

It was finals day!

The Mighty Ducks were facing off against the Hurricanes. These teams have played once before and it was a draw.

Both teams wanted to win this game.

Mrs McHaffie-Green's whistle blew and the match was underway.

Hurricanes started with the ball and the exciting game was back and forth.

The Ducks scored, then the Hurricanes scored.

At half time it was 4-3 to the Mighty Ducks.

Tiana scored to make it 5-3. But then the Hurricanes came back and scored another goal to make it 5-4.

The last few minutes were so exciting both teams tried to get another goal.

Great shots and amazing goal keeping meant the Mighty Ducks were the winners.

Manurewa Central Hockey Turf