Manurewa Central School

Manurewa Central Primary School 2001 Honours List

Award Trophy Recipient
Most Improved Swimmer (Turner Memorial Cup) LIAM HILYARD
Most Outstanding Swimmer (Logan Cup) SAMUEL ALLEN
Interhouse Swimming Shield (C.C. Taylor & G. Xraig) TUI House
Contribution to School Hockey (McHaffie-Green Cup) JAMES ARCHER
Girls Athletic Cup (Shirley Cup) NARDINE MACKWOOD-SMITH
Boys Athletic Cup (Ross Cup) PARUSI LEMALU
Interhouse Athletic Shield (Swimming and Athletics) WEKA House
Girls Sportsmanship (J.Jenkins Cup) RENAE DEVONSHIRE-CAMERON
Boys Sportsmanship (J.Jenkins Cup) GARY MANN
House Competition Shield (Shield) HUIA House
Middle School Cup (A.Sowden Cup) AIDAN McKEE
Excellence in Mathematics (Hsiao Trophy) DAMON PERE
Science and Technology (Lawson Cup) SERENA DAVIS
Contribution to the Arts(Language) (A.Schutz Cup) JASMINE TE HIRA
The Performing Arts (Le Gallais Cup) ALISA PARKER
Contribution to Cultural Activity (Hayden Taupaki Memorial Cup)
Speech Competition (Cooper Cup) SAHAR MARVASTI
For Empathy Shown To Others (Whittingham Cup) CHARLOTTE BAKER
Determination and Perseverance (Fowler Cup) HOLLY CLAMP
Contribution to School Life (Mudannayake Cup) KENDAL ORR
School Dux (Dux Cup) DAMON PERE