Manurewa Central School

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Manurewa Central Primary School 2022 Honours List

Award Trophy Recipient
Most Improved Swimmer (Turner Memorial Cup) ELIANO EMMANUEL
Most Outstanding Swimmer (Logan Cup) LIANA FRANSHAM
Interhouse Swimming Shield (C.C. Taylor & G. Xraig Shield)
Contribution to School Hockey (McHaffie-Green Cup) OJ LAUANO / LISIATE TUIPULOTO
Girls Athletic Cup (Shirley Cup) ELLA SCANLAN
Boys Athletic Cup (Ross Cup) LOUIE BLAIR
House Competition (Shield) TUI HOUSE
Girls Sportsmanship (J.Jenkins Cup) PEYSON MATAROA
Boys Sportsmanship (J.Jenkins Cup) VJ VAKAUKAMEA
Excellence in ICT (Pennington Cup) GURLUV SINGH
Visual Arts (McNab Family Cup) ALEESHA NOWLEY
The Performing Arts (Le Gallais Cup) ISLA-ROSE TUSANI / PEYSON MATAROA
Contribution to the Arts(Language) (A.Schutz Cup) BETHANY GROSS
Contribution to the School Library (Zanzottera Cup) CHARLOTTE MILLETT
Speech Competition (Cooper Cup) OLIVIA CARTER
Contribution to Cultural Activity (Hayden Taupaki Memorial Cup) IRENE WILSON / AZARIA BRENNAN-HILL
Achievement in English Language Learning (Dowden Cup) SIMARJOT KAUR
Most Outstanding Pasifika Student (Le Mamea Cup) VJ VAKAUKAMEA / MARYAM SAHIB
Science and Technology (Lawson Cup) MYLES SAAVEDRA
Excellence in Mathematics (Hsiao Trophy) MAXWELL BAIN
House Relay Shield (J.Jenkins & T.Willis Shield)
For Empathy Shown To Others (Whittingham Cup) JADA-CEE RAKOIA BROWN / PEYTON WILCOX
Courage Determination and Perseverance (Fowler Cup) MAKAYLAH MANGAKAHIA MELVIN
School Leadership (Roa Cup) ISLA-ROSE TUSANI / ELLA SCANLAN
Contribution to School Life (Mudannayake Cup) BETHANY GROSS
Excellence of Effort (Mainfreight Award) FANE MOALA
Excellence of Effort (Mainfreight Award) ELAINA SCORRINGE
Attitude Towards School (Brown Cup) CHARLOTTE PRASAD
School Values (Miller Cup) MARYAM SAHIB / NIMRAT DHILLON
Environmental Involvement (Diane Beckinsale Memorial Trophy) GEORGE WOODTHORPE-O'DONNELL
Most Outstanding Maori Student (The Freemason's Award) ELLA SCANLAN / PEYSON MATAROA
Runner up to the Dux (Matich Cup) LIANA FRANSHAM
School Dux (Dr E Laurie Thew Dux Cup) BETHANY GROSS
Award Trophy Recipient
Sustained Contribution to Middle School (Sowden Cup) (Boy) TOBY GROSS - (Girl) JIAYI VIVIAN JING
All Round Effort (Arline Schutz Cup) KYRA-BELLE BOBBETTE
Middle School Performing Arts (Le-Mamea Cup) AKAITI HENRY
Literacy (Piera Tombolato Cup) LYLA MUNRO
English Language Learner (Denise Mosen Cup) HARSIMRANPREET GILL