Manurewa Central School

ICT Suite

Manurewa Central School has a large ICT suite that allows groups or whole classes to work together on computer based activities.

The software programs offered give students a range of opportunities. Although Scratch, Galaxy Kids Maths and Paint 3D remain firm favourites across a range of ages. The students are constantly being exposed to new and exciting software.

Have you ever tried to use inanimate objects to make an animated movie?

We can do that.

We can use software that lets us put speech bubbles on to pictures that we have taken and downloaded.

Adding voices to such productions has also been made easier with the easy speak microphones. They look like a microphone but they also record.

We no longer have to rely on the big old videos to take movies. We can use a flip video to record our trips and special events. Editing those will take a bit more learning time.

Being able to work together in the ICT room means that we can work others to edit words, flip and rotate photos, import documents, make photo mats, record our achievements and create a wide variety of backgrounds and formats.

Our use of photos has moved from just printing them out on paper or presenting them through the computers.

We even make cushions with our photos on them! We can also share what we do through our SmartBoard technology. This is helping us to move on to setting up classroom blogs.

Computer monitors are chosen from our Year six children.

They help run the ICT room at lunchtimes. They make sure that students get any help they need. Of course games prove to be the most popular activity at this time of day!

There is never any shortage of students wanting to visit our ICT room.

It is an exciting and fun place to be.