Manurewa Central School

School Information

School Facilities

Manurewa Central School has an excellent range of facilities available for students and staff including well appointed classrooms, a library and auditorium.

A new administration block was completed in 1997. Two speech/language clinics, two resource teachers of reading are also situated on the school grounds.

These facilities are available to assist children from the Manurewa area, however, the school is pleased to host the units and welcomes the professional expertise these people bring to our school.

School Hours

School begins at 9.00 a.m and finishes at 3.00 p.m. throughout the school year.

Parents will be notified well in advance of changes to school hours.

Children are not expected to be at school before 8.00 a.m.

All children are expected to leave the grounds by 3.15 p.m.

Two teachers are on duty at the traffic lights every afternoon.

Lunch time is from 12.30 to 1.30 p.m. daily.

Pupil's Clothing

It is expected that children be neatly and suitably dressed at all times.

All pupils from Year 3 upwards are expected to wear shorts for physical education lessons and sports' programmes.

For inter-school sports' events selected team members require shorts. A green t-shirt is provided on loan by the school.

It is particularly important that clothing that may be removed at school, is clearly named.

Lost property is a constant problem whereas named clothing is quickly returned to the owner.


This is supplied from the school office at reasonable prices with profits going to school funds.

Pupils receive a price notification before purchase.

To save time we ask children to pay when picking up their books.

Car Park

Our parking areas are not large and we experience serious congestion particularly at 3.00 pm.

Parents bringing children to school by car should leave, and collect them from outside the school grounds.

We also ask parents NOT to use the driveway as a footpath at 3.00 p.m this is very dangerous and children are not allowed to do so.

Reporting to Parents

Written reports on each child are provided at half year and end of year.

Children in Years 3 to 6 have individual files of work that are compiled throughout the year.

These are sent home approximately every six weeks for parent perusal.

We ask you to comment and return these to school.

School newsletters are sent home every three weeks on a Friday.

Parents are invited to contact the school to discuss the progress of their children with the teacher and/or principal.

How can you help?

A high level of parent interest and participation in school affairs are pleasing features at Manurewa Central.

You are invited to help on outings, give assistance to school working groups and enjoy a variety of school functions.

In conclusion, I repeat that a major priority at Manurewa Central is the close involvement of school and parents in the education and personal development of each child.

If any points of concern do arise please do not hesitate to approach the school and make an appointment to discuss them.

Term Dates 2019

  • TERM 1:  Wednesday 30 January - Friday 12 April

  • TERM 2:  Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July

  • TERM 3   Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September

  • TERM 4:  Monday 14 October - Friday 13 December