Manurewa Central School

Outdoor Education Week

The highlight of Term 1 for the senior school is outdoor education week. Although not all children can participate in the activities, those who do have a great time and learn new skills and have new and different experiences.

Monday saw a group of children head to Omana Beach for a session with a company called 'Rock Up'.

We learnt to kayak on the sea, shoot bulls eyes at archery, ride BMX bikes through a course and make it to the top of the wall in rock climbing.

It was a sunny day and we discovered we could face our fears and complete things we didn't think we could do.

Next day was Tuesday and we were all at school to do activities like problem solving, tent pitching, having fun in the swimming pool, getting lost doing orienteering around the school and making and eating yummy hamburgers.

Two lucky groups of children headed to Ardmore Airport on Wednesday to take a 40 minute trip over Auckland City and Waitemata Harbour in a DC3 aeroplane. It was awesome seeing the city and water from above. We flew over the top of Rangitoto Island and looked down into the big crater.

While one group was flying around the other group got a chance to look around the hangars at all the small, old and bigger planes.

It was an early start on Thursday as we headed north up the motorway to Tree Adventures in Woodhill Forest. The tree experience was amazing and as we got more confident we could try higher challenges. We were quite safe as we were harnessed onto safety ropes.

We also learnt how to use a compass and find different points.

A Burma trail was set up in the forest and we had to find out way from the start to the finish. Unfortunately we were blindfolded so we couldn't see a thing!

We had to hold a rope and follow that. Someone got really confused and kept going around the same tree again and again.

On Friday we took a harbour cruise on a Fuller's Ferry. The captain told us lots of interesting things about the places as we went past.

It was exciting going to the top deck when the ferry was going fast.

It was very windy.

We went under the harbour bridge and on the way back watched someone bungy jump. I bet he didn't expect a whole boatload of kids yelling 'jump, jump, jump' and who cheered and clapped when he was finally brave enough to jump.

What an awesome week. We learnt new activities, saw new things and had experiences we will not forget in a hurry.