Manurewa Central School

Picture of Principal

Laurie Thew - Principal

From the Principal's Pen

Our principal Mr Thew has one of the hardest jobs at school. To find out what he does we went on a journey to his office to interview him. This is what we found out.

Mr Thew has been at our school for many years. He started his career as a teacher, then became a deputy principal and then finally reached his goal of becoming a principal of a school.

Mr Thew didn't always want to be a principal. As a young boy his dream was to be a train driver or a pilot of an aeroplane. I guess you could say as an adult he is now the driver of our school!

Mr Thew decided to become principal because he wanted to see children's work develop and he loves to see children having fun.

He also loves the challenge that comes with having a big responsibility and enjoys the work that he does.

Lots of important decisions are being made at school. With a bit of help Mr Thew has had to make many important decisions.

The hardest part about his job is the amount of paperwork he has. Mr Thew wishes he had less office work so he could have more time for visitors and class visits. He does, however, manage to find the time at lunchtimes to put on his hat and join the children in the playground.

It's always great to talk to Mr Thew in the playground.

He is the best principal ever!

Research Reports by Laurie Thew