Manurewa Central School

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This was our unit study topic over the whole school for 10 weeks.

We looked at it from the point of view of what we can do as individuals, as a school, as a family and in the wider community.

Room 10 was responsible for seeing how much rubbish and waste our school was generating and what we could do to improve it. We had help from Christine from the Auckland City Council to help us set up and do the audit.

On 2 May Room 10 collected up all the class rubbish bins, recycling bins, bins from all rooms in the school including the dental clinic, administration block, caretaker's shed and ESOL rooms.

We also collected all the bins and worm farm buckets from around the school.

This rubbish was weighed and sorted and took Room 10 two and a half hours to do. We discovered that most of the worm farm food was going into rubbish bins.

The biggest amount of rubbish was generated by chip and snack bar packets. A lot of left over food was also being thrown away in zip-lock bags.

From the waste audit a new system has been set up for the worm farm and is being managed by the children in Rooms 11 and 8.

We also visited the Visy Recycling Plant in Onehunga and it certainly was amazing to see how much rubbish is dumped there for sorting and recycling in one day.

We saw mountains of rubbish from the 125 trucks that come in every day.