Manurewa Central School


My name is Cassidy, I’m 10 years old.

I'm a student council member and I'm in room 20.

I like to play soccer, listen to music, oh and I LOVE to bake.

I think leadership is someone who does the right thing not just sometimes but always.


My name is Tanvi.

I’m from room 20.

I am 10 years old and going to turn 11 in August.

I like to do art and play the violin.

Leadership to me is building a path by opening doors with keys to help others, and lead the path to success in their lives.


Fakalofa Atu my name is Liam I am 10 years old and I am in Mrs McHaffie-Green’s class at Manurewa Central School.

I’m a student council member and I am going to talk a bit about myself.

I like playing video games and soccer.

I am a year 6.

I also collect stuff as a hobby and I like maths,reading and science.


Assalamo alaikum (peace and greetings be upon you)

My name is Horeen.

I am a year 6 student at Manurewa Central school.

I'm in room 11 and I'm a student council member.

I think leadership means doing the right thing even when no one is watching ,and also making sure everybody else is also doing the right thing.

Thank you for your time.


Namaste, my name is Lovedeep.

I am a student councillor for Manurewa Central School.

I am interested in gaming and also soccer although I'm bad at it.

My hobbies are gaming (mostly Rocket League and Fortnite) and reading books (Tom Gates).

I think leadership is being a role model and showing respect all the time.


Talofa Lava, my name is Stephanie.
I'm a student at MCS, I'm in Room 11 and I'm a student council member.
At school my favourite subject is writing, you can wander off in your brain and have fun while writing, it’s pretty different with life.

It takes a while to reach your goals!
To me I've accomplished one of my goals, that was being a school leader.
A school leader means to not only lead but to encourage others to be a leader.
Being a school leader means to work together.


My name is Mehrab.

I'm a student in Room 11 and a year 6.

I am a student council member.

I think leadership is when you help others, not just tell them what to do.

Sakārātamaka rahō khuśa rahiṇa la'ī khuśa rahō (stay positive be happy live free).


Hi my name is Mexia.

I’m in Room 20. My cultures are Tongan, Asian, Niuean and Cook Island.

My favourite sport is tag and I play every Wednesday or Thursday.

I love to sing and draw in my free time.

My favourite food is Mac and Cheese.

I am 10 years old.


Hi, my name is Yashan.

I am a Year 6 student of Manurewa Central School. I am in Room 21. My teacher's name is Mrs MacLeod. I am a Student Council member of Manurewa Central School.

My favourite thing to do is play sports and hang out with my family and friends. The sports that I like to play are soccer and cricket.

I think leadership means that you take lead into something and to encourage others to do something.


Hi my name is Santana Soalii-taulu.

I am 10 years old and a School councillor.

I love soccer, Elei dance, reading and writing.

If you are wondering what Elei dance is, it is a Samoan dance that you go to every friday.

I go to Elei dance so I can learn a bit more about my culture. I think leadership means helping others when they are struggling in certain situations.