Manurewa Central School

Manurewa Central School Councillors

Each year ten Year 6 pupils are selected to be school councillors.

Being a school councillor means being a responsible pupil, setting a first rate example, having a positive attitude, helping our fellow pupils, organising activities within our school and raising funds.

To be chosen as a councillor is an honour and a great opportunity to develop our leadership and organisational skills. It brings pride for us and in what we do for our school.We have fundraised for a new trampoline, indoor wet lunchtime games for the classrooms and scooters.

We also welcomed and thanked visitors to our school.

We are currently investigating ways to send out old desks to Fiji in support of their relief operation.

Being a school councillor is indeed a privilege for us all.

2018 School Councillors

Casey Inise Kaitlyn Kingston
Masin Maya Sahil Trinity-Reine

Manurewa Central School Council - 2017