Manurewa Central School

Story Lines Festival

On Thursday, a large group of lucky middle and senior school pupils headed off to the annual Storylines Festival at the beautiful Vodafone Events’ Centre.

We were going to listen to 4 excellent and interesting authors.

First up was Raymond McGrath.

He writes and illustrates his own picture books.

He also writes songs and creates animation to go with his stories too. (and he’s married to our Mrs McGrath!)

Philippa Werry was next.

She’s written lots of books based on true events like ANZAC Day.

Paul Beavis grew up in England. He writes cool books about monsters. He showed us one book from its first draft to publication.

The last speaker was everyone’s favourite.

Fifi Colston lives in Wellington and loves Steam Punk.

What a creative fun person!

She uses recycled items like plastic bottles, pantyhose, coffee cups and egg cartons to make amazing costumes, they looked AWESOME!

We learnt from these talented people we must make our writing interesting.

We need to look out for inspiration, we should always follow our dreams, and never give up!