Manurewa Central School

Year 6 - Student Valedictions

As I slowly walk through the green gates of Manurewa Central School my face is pointing towards the ground. My mum is dragging me towards a classroom.

I get a glimpse of children just like me playing together. I start thinking to myself "Will I fit in, will anyone want to be my friend?" Until, my mum tells me "It’s worth the risk".

My mum opens the door and a wonderful lady that the children call Mrs Tombalato welcomes me into the cla called "homework" is introduced. I’m suddenly feeling smart.

I am now confident to walk through the gates alone and people are suddenly saying "hi"to me. Before I know it I’m a year 4 and Mrs Sowden has helped me to develop a passion for chef/Home Economics.

I also make a new life long friend, Maraia. I am entering year 5 and the one thing I least expect, I’m into hockey. Every year a new opportunity has come along and the best opportunities have been in year 6.

I have been introduced to Thursday Hockey, Choir, Guitar lessons, Tupulaga and my dream of being a school counsellor has come true.

Being a school counsellor has taught me new responsibilities such as announcements, flying squad, milk monitor, information board, wet day monitor and lots more but, where there’s a start there’s a finish. The green gates are starting to close.

My friends are shifting off to other Intermediates.

Being at Manurewa Central School has been a dream but I have shifted. I am no longer a caterpillar, I have transformed into a butterfly. Leaving is hard but the thing that is very difficult is to leave the ones you’ve known for almost forever. I would of never been where I am now without the support of my best friends Casey, Sophia, Inise, Tavita, Christian, Noah and Israel.

There is a big part of my heart that belongs to Manurewa Central School, but the one thing I will carry for the rest of my life is that "Effort brings Reward".


A new journey starts for me after the Manurewa Central one ends. It’s been great to be at this amazing school and sad to be going. It’s like leaving a life behind.

I remember my first day. The new faces and the challenging times ahead of me. I walked through those big green gates, holding my dad’s hand and squeezing as hard as I could. I was so shy. Ever since meeting my first friend things got better. I was encouraged to come out of my shell.

But, like all good things, they come to an end and this epic journey has come to an end extremely fast. I’m leaving some of the best moments of my life behind and some of the best friends I have ever had, especially Saurav.

You can’t stop the future happening but, you can make the most of your time now.

To the Year 5’s I say, "School may seem boring, but believe me, the greatest times you can have are here at school. The years go past very fast, so be the best you can be".

I would like to thank you to Mrs McHaffie-Green. She pushed my limits, and also my buttons! But she took me to the next level and ways said, "I’m not a scary, growling teacher — I’m only like that when your not being a so great person!"

I would like to acknowledge Mr Thew, one of the greatest and humblest people I have ever met. He helped me prepare for my times at this school and encourages everyone to be the best they can be. He is a person I look up to.

So goodbye Manurewa Central School and bring on my new journey.