Star Student

Student Star graphic

The following students have been recognised by their class teachers for showing diligence and achievement in all aspects of their school and class work.

Room Name Room Name
Room 1 Charlie Mizziebo Room 2 Agnes Ajith
Room 3 Rasman Kaur Room 4  
Room 5 Shayaan Din Room 6 Izabella Shaw
Room 7 Jett Woodhouse Room 8 Peyton Wilcox
Room 9 Hudson Hooker Room 10 M'Kenah-Roze Dalton
Room 11 Ethan Luong Room 12 Jasneil Sen
Room 13 Natalie Fotomu Room 14 Taparia Engu
Room 15 Louise Ponifasio Room 16 Lexy Coe
Room 17 Ryley Gifkins Room 18 Dontey Ingram-Waite
Room 19 Harley Blair Room 20 Isabelle Stowers
Room 21 Anastacia Syme-McQuoid Room 22 Liam Leslie
Room 23 Mehrab Singh Room 24 Robert Winstone

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