Student Valedictions - 2002......

Room 10
During the past few days, I've been trying to take snap shots of my favourite places. Here are some special thoughts from other Room 10 Year six pupils.

With great big gates and gardens so fine. A lovely place, Central was mine.

I've had my ups and downs here, but I have always been cheerful and happy.

I've learnt lots of things and now I am going on to intermediate to keep learning new things.

Graduating is going to be fun and i can't wait until it's time for that special night.

I most of all enjoyed meeting the Prime Minister, Helen Clark, when she came to our school.

Dye, paint, sculptures, jigsaws and calendars are lots of fun. So are the fun time lunchtimes.

This year has gone by so fast it is almost like yesterday it was Term 3 and the day before Term 2

Will there be another teacher at Greenmeadows who will drink coke, eat chocolate fish and have time to wait for me to learn how to spell thay, scool and freinds?

I now know all my timestables and I am no longer a member of the timetable club.

I have had great opportunities such as the UNSW exams, being in Miss Lindsay's maths class and doing science investigations.

Being a school councillor has been a real honour and a big responsibility too.

I have finally been the oldest at school and can take home the newsletters.

Manurewa Central School is the best school in the whole world.

Reflections of being a Year 6

Room 11
As Year 6 students we’re sad to leave. So before we say FAREWELL with glee. We leave you with some of our memories…

In Room 11 there are 14 funky dudes
With a teacher who knows how to groove
First of all there’s a girl named Renée
Who is bright and cheerful every day
She laughs and giggles and dances to the Wiggles.
Along comes Brendon who puts up our school flag
Who dresses in tight t-shirts to show off his abs!
Slim and slender Ashleigh is our lunch monitor girl
She flirts with the boys and they think she’s a pearl.
Look there’s Sam, our councillor man
Oh…Ah…all the girls scream
There goes our SUPERMAN!
Ashlyn is quiet and sincere
She reads her books and loves to share.
Tyrone’s a mover and a shaker
He’s another school councillor and his Mum’s a great baker!
Alice is our drama queen
Who stamps her feet and makes a scene
Everyone runs for cover
Because her facials are like no other!
Strong and tall is our Ammaron
He strikes the ball far and long
A gentle giant you may see
But really he’s good company.
Billiana is our netball star
Who defends the goal, near and far
She saves the goal for her team
Hip hip hooray they all jump and scream
Then there’s Toni-Marie, our wet day teacher
She’s in charge of Mr Arrol’s little creatures
Making sure they don’t get out of hand
She tells them off and makes them sit by the rubbish can
Sarah sways her hips to a Tupulaga song
Shaking her body up and down to the groove
She really knows how to move.
Running wild on the hockey field is our Zac
Who smashes the ball into the goalie’s back
Scoring the goal makes him cheer
But the poor goalie can’t compare
Then there’s Samara who enjoys hanging out with her friends
She’s cute, bubbly and sets the trend.
Last of all is our Rachel, our Harry Potter fan
Who travels home each day in her big caravan
So there we are
We’ve come to the end of our memoirs

The 14 funky dudes say GOODBYE to all our dear friends!

Room 12


I will always remember this school and the two sayings I learnt. ‘To make a friend, be a friend’ and ‘Effort brings Reward’.

This school has given me many opportunities over the 6 years I’ve been here. I am really going to miss it. Goodbye Manurewa Central

I will miss this school and all its great teachers. I don’t want to leave.

What a great year it has been! I loved going down the zoom slide at camp as it was amazing. I will never forget Manurewa Central.

I’ve worked hard all year and have enjoyed 2002. Now I’m waiting to begin a new school year at Baradene.

I won’t miss P.I.R.D.M.A.C! (I’ve only been on once this year.) I will always remember ‘Effort Brings Reward’. I wonder what’s going to happen next year? Rebecca

Thank you for the trips and the camps I have been on. I will remember the assemblies because of the singing and certificates. Thank you.

It’s sad that we Year 6’s have to leave but I think it’s just a matter of time. We have to get on with our lives. I’ll miss this school because of all the fun things I’ve done and all that I have achieved over the last 6 years.

I wish I could jump into a time machine, travel backwards and start school all over again. I’m going to miss this school very much and I’ll never forget it.

At camp I loved going on the flying fox feeling the air rushing past my face. I am proud that I was in the swimming team this year and a member of the cricket and softball teams for the last two years.

Special events have happened through out the years. Lunch-time fun-time was fun filled (I really hope they have them at intermediate.) Speeches were nerve racking – I got into the semi finals.

My two biggest highlights when in Year 6, were becoming a school councillor and winning the Cooper Cup for speech. I think this is the best school I will ever go to.

Room 13
I didn’t even imagine I could play sports like soccer, hockey, netball and basketball when I was in India. But I played lots of games at Manurewa Central School. I was in the soccer team and I played hockey. I can play games very well now.

I would like to say thank you very much to all the people in Manurewa Central School because they have supported me whether I am playing sports or I am studying. I have learnt lots of different things. I learnt some dancing.

We did lots of art like optical art, Pamela Wolfe art and lots of others. One exciting thing we did was we read some novels and watched the videos. I really like that. I really liked the way people do maths at Manurewa Central School.

At the end I would like to say thank you very much to all the teachers, Miss Lindsay, Mr Thew and Mr Ferguson. These are important people who understand their responsibility and we learn lots of things from these people. Thank you very much to all the children at our school as well.

Room 14
I remember sitting on the bleachers in the auditorium on the second Tuesday of the first term, with my fingers crossed hoping that my name would be called out as a School Councillor for the year 2002. Then I heard it “Kirstine Kira, Nicola Liew … Navneet Singh.” I was so happy I felt like laughing out loud.

When I think back I remember all the wonderful things that have happened to me during my time at Manurewa Central School.

On my first day at school there were a million thoughts in my head. “Will I make any friends?” “Will my teacher like me?” The next year I had what I thought had to be the nicest teacher in the world, Mrs Parkes. It seemed that Mrs Parkes had to say at least one joke every day.

For my year in the middle school I was in Mrs Sowden’s class. But little did I know that my first year in the middle school would be my last. For my Year Four year I remember sitting out by the flagpole waiting for my name to be said so I knew what class I was in. When all the middle school classes had gone I started to panic. Then all of a sudden I heard my name. I was going to be in Room 10 as a Year Four in the senior school. It took a while to get used to not having my friends in the same class as I was but soon enough I had made a new friend. The table tennis table! I spent most of my lunchtimes playing table tennis.

The next year I was put in Mrs Brown’s class. I achieved a lot in that year. I got into the speech finals twice and in one of them I came second.

Last year I made the most important goal ever – to get the ‘Contribution to School Life’ cup. To get this cup you have to be the most involved person out of the Year 5 pupils in the school.

Then there was this year, my last year at Manurewa Central School. I think the thing I am most proud of is how much fitter I have become. I started in group C for fitness and I am now in group A. This year I was in the cross country team, the interschool swimming team and I came third in the athletic sprint finals.

What I will miss most about this school is the round table in Miss Lindsay’s office. This is because it is where I have been going for both mathematics and for school council meetings. I will miss this school but now it is time for the next part of my journey – intermediate school!