Student Valedictions - 2003......

A picture paints a thousand words. A picture of my six years at Manurewa Central School is indescribable.
The school took me through a long, sometimes sorrowful and sometimes happy journey. It brought me tears and laughter, happiness and joy and most of all the best friends a person could have.
I now know how important it is to follow your goals and set them to a high standard, whether that be obtaining awards and medals on the sports field or achieving academic certificates in the classroom.

I have learnt a lot in my time at Manurewa Central School. I am a bit sad about leaving but I have many fond memories to take with me.
Thank you to all the children, teachers, staff and parents who have helped me during my time here. I hope I get the same encouragement and great help at my new intermediate school.

I am so glad that when my Mum and Dad and sisters moved back to Auckland they chose this school for us. I have achieved a lot in the last 4 years since I started here. I have been able to represent the school in many sports teams and even got into the final for my speech this year.
Miss Fordyce has been my teacher this year. I think she is a good teacher and she has helped me a lot. I would also like to add that she is a great dancer.
My teachers’ aide has been Mrs Zanzottera. She is kind and caring and has helped me so much. I do not want to leave this school but I know I am older and I must continue with new challenges and a new journey.

It is like the end of an era. It is like a sad ending for a good story. That’s how I feel about leaving Manurewa Central School. But it has been a good journey.
One of the highlights for me was being a school councillor. I can remember as a Year 1 I saw kids with gold badges on and I thought then that I wanted to be a councillor.
I am proud to say that Manurewa Central teachers have prepared me well for intermediate and I know I am ready.

Thank you Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew for making this school a caring, helpful and fun place to learn at. My teachers have made me work but in the end I am glad of all the lessons they have taught me.

I will never forget the things I have accomplished at this school. I have learnt to be a good role model, to be responsible because others are relying on you, and when you do something to do it properly the first time.

Being a Year 6 in 2003 we say farewell to this awesome school which has provided us with the many challenges and successes that we’ve achieved and we must say that our motto “Effort brings Reward” is truly what we have accomplished.
Thank you to all our wonderful teachers who have taught us and other staff members we’ve met along the way for their dedication and commitment to us.
When I came to this school I only knew how to speak four words in English and now I am proud to say that I can speak, read and understand the English language very well thanks to the teachers who taught me.

I’ve had lots of fun at Central and I’ve enjoyed the great things I’ve done. I’ll always remember that the harder you work the more you will succeed.

Camp and the Wizard of Godzone production have to be the best and most memorable highlights for me this year. Having a supporting star role was exciting and I enjoyed performing in front of everyone as Tina Tuatara.
I am very sad to leave Central school but I really hope that I move onto bigger and brighter things. Central has laid a firm foundation for me and I know that I’ll never forget my time here.

I will miss going to this school.
I can still remember my first day of school when my sisters and I had news cameras following us around.
Two of my highlights have been being in the production and using pen in handwriting.
I will remember this school with a smile on my face.

I have had many teachers for the past years from Mrs Tombolato in Room 1 to Mrs Dowden in Room 12.
One of the best things I have enjoyed about this school is meeting new teachers because they are all so friendly and caring.
Mr Thew and Miss Lindsay are wonderful people who are always on task.
I can’t forget my friends. I have made many friends but my three best friends are Kaitlin, Kirby and Zoe. They have been very caring when I am sad and I will miss them.
I am going to miss this school very, very much.

Becoming a house captain has made me feel responsible.

Making new friends in such a cool class. I was lucky to have a good teacher as this was a big help and great experience.

Having Mrs Brown as a teacher. She’s the best teacher I’ve had so far.

Being a school librarian and helping in the school library was a good thing to do this year. I also got to wear a badge.

Helping all the teachers is great because effort brings reward.

Meeting new friends throughout the year. I was like a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad where another friendly frog was waiting for me. I may have tripped a few times but I have always got back up and tried again.

It all started on the first day of school in 1997. I started off in the junior school in Room 1 with Mrs Tombolato.
Eventually I found myself in the middle school in Room 19 with Mrs Sowden and winning the poem competition.
Next thing I knew I was in the senior school in Room 10 with Miss Fordyce one of the nicest teachers I have ever had.
In the year 2002, I was with Mrs Brown in Room 13. I really enjoyed being in her classroom.
Then in 2003 I was in Room 14 with Mr Hunt, a fan of sports and a very strict teacher he is.
I also like being chosen as a school councillor and having the responsibility of being a good role model. Mr Hunt has taught me a lot of things that I didn’t already know.
I have achieved so many things this year such as being chosen as a school councillor, winning the Cooper Cup for speeches and getting into interschool representative teams.
I will miss this school, the teachers and my fellow school friends as it has prepared and equipped me well for intermediate. The opportunity of being a school councillor allowed me to have more confidence in myself.
This time in two years’ I will be saying this about Greenmeadows but not in the same way as I feel about Manurewa Central because I will surely miss this school.