Student Valedictions - 2004......

There have been many changes while I have been at Manurewa Central School. The auditorium was built, we got a cricket pitch and playground as well as lots of sporting equipment. I have made a lot of friends and met many teachers and students but now it is time for me to leave.

Jing Wei Wong

Being a Year 6 in 2004 has been great. I’ve been a librarian and in Miss Lindsay’s maths class. hanks to this school I’m ready for the even bigger world of intermediate school.

Emma Burrows

I thought after my first year was over that I had finished primary school – but I was wrong! Of the 5 years at this school this year has been the best. I hope I have more years like this one.

Kayne Batey

This has been a great year and I have appreciated all the hard work done by my teachers who have helped make me what I am today.

Anne-Marie Bird

When I first arrived at school I was shy and nervous but now I am anything but shy and nervous! Thank you to the great teachers who have kept me in line.

Caleb Shirtcliffe

For me it has been a lovely experience at Manurewa Central School. All the teachers are willing to help and you have lots of opportunities to do things.

Preeti Singh

I have learnt so many things at this school that it is hard to remember them all. I think Manurewa Central is the best school in the world.

Cameron Fegan

Room 11
It’s sad to know that in a few days time we’ll be leaving this special place. We each have our own special memories of being at Manurewa Central School and we’ve written these in our own personal valedictions.
We all feel that this school has given us all a lot of opportunities and we are very lucky to have had the chance to belong here and experience all these wonderful, exciting, challenging, memorable times.
Thank you so much to all the teachers we’ve had and all the other staff members who have made this school what it is today. Our school motto “Effort Brings Reward” is so true. We have been taught that by believing in ourselves we can do anything. If we work hard, try our best, focus, set goals, persevere, meet deadlines, strive for excellence and set ourselves high standards, the reward is success!

This year I have had a lot of fun. I will always remember this school and my best friends. This school has really taught me all the things I wanted to know. I will never forget it.

Aditi Sachdeva

When I started at the school I was so shy. I will always remember this school and the three words ‘Effort Brings Reward’. I made two wonderful friends while I was here.

Josephine Heurea

I have done some great things that I have never achieved before like getting stuck into sports and being a librarian.

Anastasia Cleaver

The thing I will miss the most is being a school councillor. I will miss this because I now know what it’s like to be a leader.

Zak Glander

When I leave I will miss all the teachers at Manurewa Central because they have taught me a lot.

Samuel Batten

Room 14
My final year at Manurewa Central Primary School! Six years is a long time but each year was great. Each year was different and each year had its own unforgettable things. Every year I’ve been lucky to have very different teachers.

My favourite? Well I don’t have a favourite because they have all been very nice to me!

Courtney Bromwich