Student Valedictions - 2005......

This is my last year here at Manurewa Central School. I have always had great times here.

There are lots of things I hadn’t done before for the first time. Ever since I’ve been here I have always been confident about the things I like to do. I have good friends who help me and play with me.

Every year, I get to know teachers and friends. I will miss this school, the activities, sports, choices and challenges and especially the teachers. Manurewa Central is a school where you make choices and decisions. I have learnt to write properly, to work out equations in maths, draw as well as a real artist and lots more.

It has been a fantastic school.

Thank you Manurewa Central School.

Harry Luteru

Every day you look at the calendar and you rip a page. You see it’s December. You start being happy until you remember it’s near the end, the end of primary school. You get nervous and start getting off task and you finally say it aloud, “Good bye. Good bye to Manurewa Central School.”

Yes it’ll be hard to leave primary school and move on to intermediate. I’ll never forget my first teacher Mrs Scrase, how she always helped me with my work and helped me move on to the senior school.

Miss Lindsay, I’ll never forget your helpful school, the wonderful mix of cultures, people and activities. This school has a magic that not all schools have but your school does. The teachers are great with wonderful smiles, intelligence and humour. The students here are perfect so keep up the good work teachers.

I’ll always remember this school and its motto “Effort Brings Reward.”

Aaron Guo

Coming to Manurewa Central School this year was the best decision my Mum ever made. I have enjoyed being in the senior school and being a Year 6 student. There are so many exciting opportunities for the senior school students to get involved with and I’ve been lucky to be part of that.

I’ve been chosen for the school netball team and played soccer against Hillpark School. I’ve also been part of the Kids for Kids’ choir and responsible for putting up the school flag when it’s our duty week. It’s been cool being in Mrs Le-Mamea’s class as she’s an awesome teacher. I’ve met up again with Derryn who was in my kindy group when we were small and we’ve become very good friends again.

Camp was one of my highlights at this school and also going to the Tip Top factory when we were studying about ice cream. I have been very lucky to have had such a great year at this school.

Thank you to the lovely teachers who have made my learning time here a special one. Thank you to Miss Lindsay for encouraging us to always do our best and for making sure that we enjoy coming to school. What an awesome motto this school has.

I’m sure when I go to intermediate next year that I’ll remember that “Effort does bring Reward”.

Ashley Joyce

Good bye school.

t’s nearly the end of my final year at Manurewa Central School. The thought of leaving this school brings tears to my eyes. I’ve heard that if you’ve liked a place and you’ve been there for some time a part of it goes with you.

There are lots of teachers who have guided me through all these years, from when I was a tiny Year 1 with Mrs Tombolato to Year 6 with Miss Tuxford. To her I say, “Ka pai. What a wonderful job you have done this year and I am honoured to have been in your first class.”

Jordan Musson

For the past four years I have studied at this school and in this time I have visited some very exciting places. During my four years here I have learnt a lot more at this school.

I have learnt how to make ice cream in a tub and ice cream in a bag.

At school I have also learnt how to write stories, to use pastels properly and to draw koru patterns on colourful fish.

The teachers whom I have worked with were Mrs Smith, Mrs McHaffie-Green, Mrs Scrase and Mrs Brown. At intermediate I will always remember my best lesson I have learnt, “Effort Brings Reward”.

The best thing about Manurewa Central School is that everybody is friendly and that makes it the best primary school ever.

Jaden Chester

When I came to the senior school I was scared because I thought that I wasn’t ready to do hard work but I realised I was. There was much more work but I soon got used to it. I also made some new friends.

Chosen Valley Camp – I will remember you wherever I go because that would probably be the greatest thing I have done in my childhood life. I will never forget this school because it has taught me two things: commitment to learning and that “Effort Brings Reward.”

Zain Edinberry

This year at Manurewa Central School will unfortunately be my last. It will be sad to leave this school and I will miss everything from Mr Hunt’s sport to Mrs McHaffie’s art and music. But the thing I will miss the most next year is school camp.

During my 6 years at Manurewa Central I have got to know the place so well that it is very hard to leave it all … but I know I have to.

This school has taught me lots of valuable lessons not just academically but in every single way possible. I have had a great time here. It has been full of excitement, fun and loads of opportunities. I have made lots of friends for life and learnt lots of important lessons for life.

This school has challenged me and given me lots of great memories. It has been a big journey for me.

Joseph Bryan