Student Valedictions - 2006......

I will always remember this school and my friends and teachers who helped me learn each and every day. I will also always remember the first day I came to Manurewa Central School. I had come from South Africa and did not know how to spell or read in English but in just three years my three lovely teachers, Mrs Sowden, Mrs Brown and Miss Fordyce have helped me.

I will also always remember that “Effort brings Reward.” I was lucky enough to be chosen as a vice captain this year. I have loved getting the sports gear out, cheering on my house and having my house cheer for me.

If I had one wish I would wish that I could stay at Manurewa Central School for another whole year doing things like camp, achieving my goals and having fun along the way.
I want to thank my teachers and friends for the last time and also a special thank you to Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew for being two great leaders.

Calah Stuart

I remember when my family moved house two years ago and my parents telling me that I would be going to another school. I wasn’t too sure what it would be like. On my first day I was feeling shy but excited at the same time about starting my new school. I started as a Year 5 in Mrs McHaffie-Green’s class and I had an awesome year.

My most memorable time here has been going to camp. I learnt a lot of new things and enjoyed spending time with my classmates and building new relationships with other children in the senior school. I also got to know the teachers and they helped me build up my confidence to do and try new things for myself.

Year 6 in Room 11 with Mrs Le-Mamea was another awesome year. Being at Central School I’ve learnt to work hard and concentrate on my schoolwork and always do my best. I’m so grateful for being at this school and what it has offered me. I’m so lucky to have attended this school.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Mr Thew, Miss Lindsay and all the teachers here for the BEST two years of my school life.

Haidenmarie Pearson

As I think about my last days at Manurewa Central School, I have mixed feelings because not only am I moving on to a new school I am moving on to a new country. This school has taught me a lot of qualities.

When I started I was a shy, quiet little girl and now I am a confident pupil. Learning to speak in public is hard for some and easy for others. Like the shy girl I was, it was very hard. Using the opportunities like speeches and the Cinderella production I am being rewarded. I now do drama lessons out of school and made it into this year’s senior school speech finals!

One of the best and most memorable things I have done at Manurewa Central was in 2005 when I went to camp and couldn’t canoe. I couldn’t get my direction right. I kept trying and by the end of camp I could canoe well. That was perseverance!

At Manurewa Central School there are lots of responsibilities and roles like councillors, house captains, librarians, wet day monitors, bell monitors and many more. Taking roles like these show the staff of the school that you are well organised, that you can manage your time and also how responsible you are. I have enjoyed being a wet day monitor for Room 2, bell monitor for a term and a librarian. Using every available opportunity I have achieved more. These are only some of the qualities I have learned.

From my experiences at Manurewa Central School I am prepared for my future knowing that, “Effort Brings Reward.”

Olivia Hill

Manurewa Central School is the only school I have attended in my schooling and it has been the best 6 years of my life. The school motto “Effort Brings Reward” will remain in my head as I move to the next stage of growing up in life.

Manurewa Central is not only the centre of Manurewa but also the centre of every teacher’s and student’s heart. Our school is known for its education, activities and well behaved students.

I have been in the Tupulaga and choir. I am really good at dancing and singing is also one of my favourite lunchtime activities. I am also a house captain of Kaka house.

I have developed into a person who is a super role model to show young students how to behave.

Elianna Huszak

Over the last five years that I have been here it has been a great experience. I have been in seven classes all of which have been very enjoyable. Do you know why? The teachers. Speaking of teachers do I have a favourite? Her name is Miss Tuxford. She helped me fit in, she focused on my maths and she got me where I am today. Thank you Miss Tuxford.

In Year one I had no one to play with until I found Jasmine. By the end of the year I had over ten friends and we felt really popular.

I was in Year two and I heard that there was an upcoming play called, “Mandy’s Garden.” Guess what? I got the main role! I took on the role and succeeded.

Saying goodbye is the hardest but it has to be done. Goodbye Mrs Tombolato, Mrs Armitage, Miss Tuxford and all the teachers who have helped me over the years. Goodbye Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew.

A great big goodbye Manurewa Central School and good luck for the years to come.

Naydene Kett-Marshall

During my time at Manurewa Central School I have learnt new things every day, every year. In the junior school I learnt how to do my ABCs and 1,2,3s.

In Years 3 and 4 school got a little harder and I learnt there’s consequences both good and bad depending on what you decide to do.

In the senior school I learnt to be a role model to younger students and show them how to be good students. The work got harder but the consequences were still there.

My learning at Manurewa Central has taught me a lot of what I need to know today and the future. It was my teachers who chose me as a school councillor and that was a proud moment for me. When I leave this school I will be putting a lot of things behind me. Next year I am going to another good school with high expectations just like Manurewa Central.

Thanks to my time here I will be able to meet these expectations as I know about leadership and responsibility. I will always remember that “Effort Brings Reward.”