Student Valedictions - 2007......

As I leave this school with tears in my eyes I will know that I have always tried my best, made lots of new friends and achieved many goals.

This year I was announced as a school councillor. It has been a great privilege to work with Miss Lindsay and the rest of the team. I have learnt a lot from the other councillors and especially Miss Lindsay. Thank you Miss Lindsay for sharing your great leadership skills with all of us. I was really proud to represent the school at the Anzac Day Parade. Liam and I got to carry the wreath and lay it at the cenotaph. That was a very special morning for all of us.

While I have been at this school I have participated in lots of different lunchtime activities. I loved dressing up for Tupulaga, learning lots of new songs in choir and having Miss Fordyce teach me cool dance moves. Thank you to all the teachers who spent their lunch times with us.

Over the years I have made many friends and had some amazing teachers. I will never forget my memories of Manurewa Central School.

Jessica Maitland

From my first day in Room 1 to this very day I have made many friends and had great teachers.

I have learnt to make the most of the wonderful opportunities that this school provides. Going to Chosen Valley Camp has been great. We are so lucky to go on camp because we get to learn about ourselves, our friends and also our teachers. It’s the best three days ever of the school year.

I’ll always remember Mr Thew standing at the big gates making sure we cross the road safely at 3.00pm and Miss Lindsay walking about during lunchtimes, taking an interest in what’s going on. This shows me how much the people at this school value their students and how much they care about us.

I will miss Manurewa Central School because it has so many dedicated people. Thank you for the great memories I have of my time here and for shaping me into a tall and confident 11 year old young man.

Brandon Young

As I exit the front gates I know I will always remember the teachers who helped me with the learning and knowledge I have gained over the last six years.

When I was named councillor I was excited at the honour this brought to me. I found out that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with the role. Miss Lindsay has been an excellent role model for me in this job.

I’ve done so many things this year. I went to camp, did the ICAS tests, participated in choir, Tupulaga, attended the Young Leaders’ Day and got into many sports teams.

I really enjoyed my time and I will now move on but I’ll never forget.

Manurewa Central is an AWESOME school.

Daniel Ward

My senior years at Manurewa Central have been an important time for me as I have taken on more challenges and responsibilities than I thought I ever would.

The school musical production was the highlight of Year 5 as it was an amazing feeling speaking and singing in front of all our parents and family. Such experiences have helped my public speaking so much that I have become so much more confident in myself.

My final year at school has been the ultimate as being chosen to be a councillor is such an honour. I have learnt so much this year, taken on more responsibilities and have achieved my goals that I set for myself.

I want to thank Mr Thew and Miss Lindsay and all the teachers for helping me to become the best I can be.

Now my time at Manurewa Central is coming to an end.

“One door closes and another one opens.”

Michalla Thompson

For me, there have been a lot of memories here at Manurewa Central School.

My time in the senior school has been incredible. I loved going to Chosen Valley Camp and learning about table manners, compass work and many, many more things.

I remember when I was called up at the beginning of the year to receive my badge as a house captain. That is one of the memories I will never forget along with when I marched on ANZAC Day.

To Miss Fordyce and Mr Hunt, my teachers, you have been my role models and you have helped me learn. I have been on many exciting adventures and experienced many new things.

Manurewa Central School will always be one of my best memories as this place has been like a home to me for the past six years.

Tayla-Anne Pritchard

When I look back over my years at Manurewa Central School the last two years in the senior school have been the greatest.

Over the years I have learnt lots of new things and I’ve had great fun as well. In the senior school there are loads of different experiences and challenges that help you to grow as a person.

In Year 5 I considered myself very lucky because I was selected for the lead role in the production of Cinderella. We performed on 3 nights and although it was a lot of hard work it was also a very rewarding experience.

The teachers I would like to acknowledge are Miss Fordyce and Mrs McHaffie-Green who have helped me succeed and have made a big difference in my life. They trusted me to do things and encouraged me to continue being creative.

As well as all the fun we have had to work hard in all our subjects and of course our homework. The teachers have really set us all up well for intermediate. Mr Thew and Miss Lindsay were always there to help us and their leadership helps make this the best school.

So after 6 years

Maile Koloto