Year 6 Valedictions - 2008......

Room 10
Manurewa Central is the best school in Manurewa. (Andrew)
Awesome teachers and students. (Destiny)
Now it’s time to finish at Manurewa Central and head off to intermediate. (Jennifer)
Unfortunately we have a times tables’ club, so you’d better learn your times tables. (Hayden)
Responsible decision making is always required. (True)
Everyone has had the chance to join a range of activities. (Robbie)
We have a range of school trips to help us learn new things. (D’Arcy)
Amazing school leaders. (Angelo)
Camp was fun, especially the activities. (Llewellyn)
Entertaining assemblies. (Li Hua)
Nice well mannered children. (Valasi)
Talents have been realised. (Pele)
Rewards have been given to deserving children. (Kirsty)
At Manurewa Central we get to do two fun time lunch times. (Grayson)
Leaving Manurewa Central will be sad but at least we have memories to remember. (Samantha)

When my family and I came to New Zealand in 2003 from the beautiful island of Samoa, my brothers and I couldn’t speak English that well. My parents thought it was a good opportunity for us to get a good education here in New Zealand and for our family to have a better future.
My journey of two years at Manurewa Central School has been one filled with many fantastic memories and where I began to learn how to speak English properly and grow in self confidence. I also made new friends and learned many new things during my studies. Learning was really lots of fun.
Some of my highlights here at Central would surely be going to Chosen Valley Camp, playing in the hockey field day, trips to MOTAT and Awataha Marae, doing science investigations, writing and performing a speech and being involved in many school activities like the choir and dance troupe.

Next year the next leg of my journey begins at Greenmeadows Intermediate and I know I am well prepared to face the new challenges it brings. I am confident that I can set goals, remember the great lessons I’ve learned while I’ve been here and strive to do my best.Thank you very much to the many teachers who have helped make me the person I am today.

To Mrs McHaffie-Green my first teacher, thank you for encouraging me to get involved and try out new things.

To Mrs Le-Mamea, thank you for helping build up my confidence and help achieve my goals.
To Miss Lindsay, thank you for always allowing us to take responsibility for our actions and our learning.

To the rest of the staff of this school thank you for being wonderful teachers. I am grateful for being at this school.
Last but not least, I want to thank my parents for their support and believing in me and for putting me into this great school.

Rapi Ieremia

Can you control time? I always thought I could. I always thought I could make my time at this school last. I’ll stay nine years old and have great friends and teachers. My perfect life would never have to change. Would it?

In the past few years many fantastic teachers have helped me, taught me and cared for me. I have also made many outstanding friends with whom I shared sadness, laughter, joy and a whole lot of new games to play. I achieved many goals and I grew more confident with each day. I didn’t even think about leaving. But this year was different. Reality burst its way into life and everything about a new school pushed in. It came so suddenly that I hardly have any time to say goodbye.

I feel really sad that I have to leave this school and I want to thank everyone who helped me to become who I am and whom I will be. So that answers the question: We do not control time but time controls us.

Jessie Chen

My name is Brandon Lyng and from the year 2009 I will be an ex-pupil of this school.

During my 3 years at Manurewa Central I have been given the chance to discover my true potential, abilities and talents. I have come to make many friends who have helped me to feel a part of the school.

Chosen Valley: One of my favourite highlights was travelling to Chosen Valley Camp which has taught me many camping skills including how to use camping tools such as the compass in the orienteering activity. There were many fun activities to do such as the flying fox, canoeing, confidence course, trolleys, archery and BMX bikes, which were all fantastic. These new experiences have helped me to feel more confident when faced with new challenges and situations.

My greatest highlight for 2008 was to be selected for the responsibility of school councillor. This was a great honour and an opportunity to work with a great team which included Robbie, Logan, Cameron, Olivia, Teigan, Monique, Pele, Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew. My job as a member of the team was to sort out events that are taking place around the school and to be a leader and role model to my fellow pupils.

My 3 year teachers: During my 3 years at this school my teachers have been amazing.

Mrs Armitage: a kind, focused and forward thinking teacher.

Mr Hunt: a great coach, an enthusiastic teacher and a great mentor at written language, handwriting, maths, reading and art.

Mrs Brown: always interesting, interested in what the kids are working on and encouraging everyone to be creative.

As I prepare to leave Manurewa Central School and start my first year at intermediate I know that what I have learnt here will help me to achieve my goals in the years to come.

Brandon Lyng

My journey at Manurewa Central School is nearly over after almost 6 years of hard work but also lots of fun.
I have learnt that in the senior school there are opportunities to have and lots of extra things like sports, choirs, dance and cultural groups. But over the past 6 years I have never missed choices and challenges.

My hockey team was named Team Scott after me and we were undefeated at the hockey field day.

I‘d like to thank all of the teachers at Manurewa Central School especially the teachers who have taught me. I’ve enjoyed being at this school and will never forget the chances that I have had.

I’m proud to be a pupil from Manurewa Central School.

Cody Scott

I took a deep breath as my mum held my hand walking me into the school gates. I can still imagine my face when I entered the classroom. Saying goodbye to my mum was the hardest thing of all but as the time went by I settled in.

The years flew very fast and I soon realised that I would be off to the middle school. I started to remember the good times about the junior school. I loved being part of the junior school production because I got the main part in the play.

Middle school memories came back to me like dressing up for the Howick Historical Village and learning about life in the olden days. Trips would definitely be my favourite thing about middle school!

Tears drip down from my eyes as I remember that I’m leaving this year. I would like to say that I’ve enjoyed the senior school the most. There are a lot of memories like teachers, trips, art, camp and friends.

Manurewa Central School has been an amazing school for me to start my learning. But before I pack my suitcases I would like to thank my friends, family and all the teachers for supporting me. As I walk out the school gates for the last time I will remember, “Effort Brings Reward.”

Sara Khalaf