Year 6 Valedictions - 2010......

When you are a child at school, you might have heaps of ups and downs but I have always been happy at Manurewa Central School. You can get a lot of choices to select from and learn new things. Some of the highlights for me have been getting selected in the swimming and cross country teams, netball and hockey teams and having heaps of fun at Choices and Challenges.

When you are in the senior school and especially if you are a Year 6 pupil then you’ve got to learn how to be a role model for the younger children. They look up to us big kids so we need to show them how to do things the right way which makes you think before you do anything silly in front of them.

I was lucky to be in Room 10 this year where you get to use all the new art supplies and learn about lots of different artists and the way they work. Having Mrs McHaffie-Green as my teacher this year has been an honour because she loves chocolate, Coke and Snoopy, but she also makes you work hard.

It has been a very busy year. I felt like a jumping kangaroo leaping everywhere from meetings to activities to teachers and lessons and then meeting new friends. For me I loved experiencing the house competition and getting points for my house to be the winner and fly our flag each week.

So now there are only a few more days left of my time at Manurewa Central School. Thank you to all the teachers who have helped me in my learning and for making school such a great place to be. The school motto will always be in my mind. I will always remember that “Effort Brings Reward.”

Kiri Tata-Nga Waka


Let me introduce myself. My name is Archana Bala and I am going to tell you about my years at Manurewa Central School.

When I started school, I was feeling very excited and happy. I was hoping that I was going to learn and make friends with other people who were different. I improved my reading and my alphabet. Being in the middle school was fine for me because I kept on giving things a try to achieve my goals in Years 3 and 4. I had to keep on improving. I achieved some of my goals and I concentrated on my learning.

After Year 4 it was time for me to go to the senior school. It was better than the middle and junior schools. Camp was challenging but I gave it a go on some activities. In Year 6 I started to be smart, sensible and responsible. I had to be positive every day. I also have become a good ICT monitor. I wasn’t struggling. Being a wet day monitor in Room 17 was a very good job for me. I achieved some of the goals that I wanted to achieve. I was a speech finalist in Year 5 and a semi-finalist in Year 6. After all that I didn’t become a speech finalist but I got an award from Miss Lindsay.

I enjoyed being in Mrs Brown’s class because we got to do alphabet research for homework. We also did Thomas Barbey’s art where we got some pictures from magazines and stuck them on our calendars.

I would like to thank Miss Lindsay because she has sent me two teachers to support me and helped me to learn more. I have also won lots of awards. I wish Miss Lindsay could make Manurewa Central School an intermediate school because I don’t feel like going to another school. I hope I will succeed next year. Wait a minute! I forgot to tell you an important message. Don’t forget the school’s motto, “Effort Brings Reward”.

Archana Bala


In my first two years I attended Leabank Primary School so I didn’t attend Manurewa Central School until Year three.

In Year three I was in the end of year performance. I was a great leaf! My favourite subject was maths.

In Year four I received an award from Mr Thew. I was very proud of my achievement. I also was in the end of year performance as a wheel. It was lots of fun. Nicholas also came to school for the first time and so I looked after my middle brother.

In Year five I joined the school Saturday hockey team. I really enjoyed playing team sports. My favourite position was goalie and being able to stop the ball dead before someone scored a goal. My science investigation gave me a credit and a certificate thanks to the hard work and research I put into it.

This is my last year of primary school and I got chosen to be a library monitor and a wet day monitor. I joined the hockey team and enjoyed the hockey field day. I learnt art (from Mr Rudman and from Mrs Brown) which I love doing. I also received an award for my science investigation this year too! My favourite subject in Year six is maths. I have really enjoyed this school.

Jonathan Cook

Vishay's Valediction

As this year comes to an end I have used my time to reflect and think about what I have achieved in the senior school from the day I first walked into Room thirteen all the way to the end of term 4 of this year.

When I was in the junior school I always dreamed of doing the things the senior school was doing. The one thing which really astounded me was the way the senior school did their swimming sports from their exhilarating heats to their adrenaline-rushing finals. I feel so proud that I have completed this five year dream thanks to my teachers like Mr Hunt and Mrs Brown who taught me new types of strokes and how to get faster.

Every three weeks I got a newsletter showing the achievements of children around the school. The one which stood out for me was ICAS. ICAS stands for International Competitions and Assessments. They were challenging competitions but thanks to all my teachers teaching me new subjects I managed to get 5 credits and 2 distinctions (which are the top 10% of NZ). I also wish to thank Miss Lindsay for teaching us things we had never heard of. After all the competitions I felt really happy that I got the opportunity to do these challenging examinations.

Over a period of 2 years I have gone from a player who watches people play hockey to a brilliant hockey player. Thanks to Mrs McHaffie-Green for teaching me and giving me the extra push so I can dodge nearly anyone in the school.

As you can see I have all these brilliant achievements by doing just two things – believing and not giving up. By following these two quotes you could be successful as well. If I have achieved this much in two years at primary school imagine what it will be like at intermediate school?