Year 6 Valedictions - 2011......


Well first let me introduce myself. My name is Connor and I’ll be telling you about my years at Manurewa Central School.

Now I have to admit when I started as a Year 1 my first day was frightening. I cried when my mum left as I didn’t want to go to school and I wanted to go back home. But before the day was over I had made 4 amazing friends. We started a group and we all played together and 2 of them are still my friends today, Nathan and Luke. When I got into Year 3 I thought I had to step up and work harder so I made myself some goals to achieve.

After I finished Year 4 I knew it was time to go into the senior school. Mr first class was with the awesome one and only Mr Hunt. Lots of people told me he was strict but when I went into his class I found out it wasn’t true! He was very easy going and nearly always happy. At the start of the year it didn’t go so well for me as nearly every day I was on PIRDMAC, but towards the end of the year it was rare for me to get on PIRDMAC so it was a fun year all round.

Then I moved on to Mrs McHaffie-Green’s class. I’ve been afraid of her since I was in Year 3, but she was nice as well as very fair and very quick with rewards for good behaviour. I had no idea she was such a good singer, writer, artist, painter and guitarist. The beginning of the year began like Mr Hunt’s class with me on PIRDMAC a lot but once I started seeing life from Mrs McHaffie Green’s perspective as she wanted me to, school was a lot more fun and a place I have enjoyed going every day.

I would really like to thank Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew for being such a good deputy principal and principal and helping everyone in the school, and especially Mr Thew for always encouraging me to do my best in everything I do. Also a big thank you to all the teachers particularly the teachers I had for putting me on the right track. I do not want to go to a different school because I don’t want to leave this awesome school. I will always remember the school motto, “EFFORT BRINGS REWARD”.

Connor Hitchman


During these six years I have had very happy and sad moments. These six years have gone very fast for me. Some highlights for me are: being a librarian, learning new sports and getting into ICAS science, maths and English. This school is a fun school and the teachers here teach us very cool things.

Ms Alsari has been my role model because she’s taught me how to enjoy reading and showed us how we can be better readers by doing something we all love – watching movies. She also taught me how to improve my writing, and a lot of other things. Ms Alsari likes Hello Kitty, Twilight and Smiggle. She is a fun teacher. I am lucky to have had a cool teacher like her this year. I am also lucky to have been taught by Mrs Holmes and Mrs Scott when I was in ESOL learning English – they helped me a lot.

This school has been a great experience for me and it has prepared me for intermediate school. I am thankful to all my friends and teachers who have helped me along the way. I have been here for six years now and I will be sad to leave this school, but as we grow up we have to accept changes in our lives.

Valerie Wong


I don’t think I have done too badly considering I started here as Year 3 student with no English skills. Thanks to my ESOL teachers I am now progressing well as a senior school student.

Last year when I was Year 5 I was waiting to be a librarian because I thought it would be fun and cool. I am a Year 6 now and I became a librarian. It is fun and cool! I like it when I scan the books and return them although I can get bored when I put the books on the shelves. Sometimes I arrive late and then I get into trouble.

The best activity this year was visiting Snowplanet. It was freezing cold! This year I rode the skis. It was fun. Lots of people fell off but I didn’t. My favourite part was when I slid down the snow hill because it felt so funny and slippery. I wanted to go up the big hill but we couldn’t because we weren’t allowed. I thought there was real snow in Snowplanet but it was just mashed ice!

This year’s showcase performance was the best show that I have ever been in. I was in the whanau and I felt special. It was also special to listen to my brother give his speech about me. I felt proud of him and myself but I also felt a little embarrassed.

The most important thing for me this year was meeting my teacher Miss McHugh. I have been so happy during the year with my lovely teacher. She is very kind to everyone in my class and she always keeps smiling and makes us laugh almost every day. I have been very lucky. When I go to intermediate school next year I am wishing for a teacher like Miss McHugh. Luckily all of the teachers I have met at Manurewa Central School have been so kind and good. I will miss everything about this school.

Daeun Jung


To start with I would like to thank, Mr Thew, Miss Lindsay, Mrs Tombolato, Miss Baker, Ms Brodien, Mrs Armitage, Ms Turner, Mrs Le-Mamea, Mrs Brown and my friends and family. I am thankful for all of these teachers for their guidance and great patience in their teaching. Every teacher has offered a different and unique skill that I will treasure in my future school years. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my schooling life. I am also thankful for the support of Mrs McHaffie Green, for all the time she put into teaching us hockey. It is still one of my favourite sports. I also would like to thank my friends and family. Without you, primary school wouldn’t have been so cool.

My time at Manurewa Central School has been a great experience, from my first year with Mrs Tombolato to this last year with Mrs Brown.

I am thankful for the opportunities the school has given me. e.g. The great trips we have experienced like climbing Rangitoto and swimming in the waters of Goat Island. Also for being able to participate in the awesome fun time lunch time fundraisers that helped to get our unicycles and also to help those in need like the families of Christchurch. We can’t forget our own “Noah Day”. The wild hair days and blackout days have also been a blast! All of these I have joined in with and really enjoyed. I feel well prepared and am excited for the challenges I will face in the future.

Who knows, in years to come, I could be on the big screen or famous for doing something great? I might even be flying the plane that takes you on a well deserved holiday. I hope my teachers will feel proud and say to their present day students, I used to teach that boy... Thank you again for my time at Manurewa Central School. It will never be forgotten.

Shawn Mitchell


I am Luke. People say that the teenage years are a time of finding out who you are. But I think that this time really starts at primary school. You find the things that you are good at, things that you like or dislike, and you make your own identity. In this process I found a solution to overcoming the comparisons with my older brother and sister. I found that when I did activities I made friends, had fun and made my own identity.

But I haven’t done this alone. I would like to give a big thank you to the teachers who have provided me with lots of support and encouragement over my years here. To the school management, without the range of opportunities that Manurewa Central has offered me I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as much success and fun. It was exhilarating snowboarding and snorkelling with the outdoor education week and I also loved the interschool soccer. There was the challenge of ICAS, writing stories at writing club, and in the speech finals I was delighted to come second. In the whanau group this year we learned the haka and some new songs which we performed to the neighbouring preschool and in the recent ‘Showcasing Our Talents’ Show.’

There have also been leadership opportunities. I have found that these commitments kept me busy and gave me a challenge in getting work completed on time but somehow I managed between the responsibilities of being a house captain, with the sports’ shed, to being a computer monitor and wet day monitor. Not to forget the privilege of being chosen to be a Whanau leader. I had a very busy year.

As I prepare to leave for intermediate school all my experiences this year have made me more confident in continuing my journey to discover who I am. So I leave a challenge to the Year 5’s to become involved in the many activities available and find out who you are!

Luke Stainthorpe


Six years have passed and it’s time to say goodbye. We will all be sad to leave but at the same time all our special memories of primary school will last forever. We have been handed so many opportunities on a silver platter and these opportunities have helped us to learn and become the best that we can be.

The junior school teaches us to read and write and get us used to school life. The middle school teaches us to learn while having a bit of fun. The senior school teaches us to take responsibility and become independent.

I have been lucky enough to have been chosen as one of the eight school councillors this year, and this is just one of the many opportunities that we can undertake in the senior school at Manurewa Central.

How can we forget our wonderful teachers who have helped us and guided us throughout our school life? Thank you all so much. Good luck to the year fives who will be filling our shoes next year. I’m sure you will do a good job at running the school. The year sixes will be leaving for new beginnings but they will take with them the memories and achievements from their years at Manurewa Central School.

So thank you all so much for all the friendships and good times. Good luck everyone and thank you all.

Gracie Bruce