Year 6 Valedictions - 2012......


As I start my valediction memories are still buzzing through my head … lots of memories. So where do I start?

As many of you may know moving to a new school can be difficult. You have to meet new students and teachers and embrace the school’s lifestyle. I came to Manurewa Central School in Year 3 and it was a breeze. I had friends and acquaintances straight away plus the teachers were very helpful. Also I did not have to worry about a school uniform.

As the years progressed I moved into my senior years. But being in Year 6 was a challenging experience. I am very fortunate to have had such rewarding experiences in Year 6. For example I was one of the thirty students who were able to meet the Breakers. The height of those guys was incredible! To be able to be included in events like outdoor education where I increased my level of courage and strength – (especially the trip to Woodhill Forest where I totally lost my fear of heights) was a highlight.

Manurewa Central School taught me to strive for the best and to reach my goals which helped me academically and personally. Throughout the years at this school I have gained more confidence in myself and hope to take that ability to my next school. I will remember those times when the tears welled up in my eyes leaving my first school and now leaving here for intermediate will be exactly the same.

Thank you Manurewa Central School for teaching me how to stand up for myself in a tough situation and to believe in myself so I can prove that the voice inside of me – telling me I can’t do it – was wrong. Also thank you Manurewa Central School for the relationships between friends and students, teachers and students, parents and school and with the wider community. But most of all learning that


Aayah Al-Abri


Wow what a year it has been at Manurewa Central School. I am going to miss the school so much. I wish I could stay here longer but sadly my journey has ended at this incredible school. There will be many memories throughout the coming years, but I will share a little bit of how my journey began and how it has ended.

Lunchtime activities are there to give you something to do and also they will let you experience other cultures (for example, choir, dance troupe and Irish dancing.) There are a lot more activities than that but these are the ones that I wanted to join in. I am also excited to perform the dances and songs.

Sports and fitness are what helped me to gain confidence in my physical ability. I took part in the hockey field day, basketball coaching, the Breakers’ trip, flag football and last but not least the mini Olympics. They were all really enjoyable activities that were extremely inspiring.

Choices and challenges was a highlight because to me it was an afternoon of fun to enjoy and reward excellence in our work. We always had lots of fun.

School trips were always educational for me as we learnt about history, how to recycle, volcanic eruptions and many more educational topics. It’s what helped us understand our country. Many experiences will be unforgettable memories.

Last but definitely not least, friends. Friends encouraged me to do the right thing. They encouraged me to join lunchtime activities even though sometimes it was hard and it gave me less time to play with them. They gave me strength to do things independently and they helped me when I was hurt.

Sadly my journey has ended here but many memories from this school will be carried on to the future.

Hosea Vaisagote


Each day, the big metal gates welcome me and I try hard as my teachers give me higher expectations. Many responsibilities shot my way as I was a school councillor. I am proud of my achievements, however, all this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for my wonderful teachers.

Favourite memories have been the special events the school has offered us such as: interschool sports’ teams, trips and everyone’s best – choices and challenges! Duties have made this year a lot harder from welcoming visitors with a wave and a smile to being squished by juniors so that they can buy the last cookie. For a shy guy like me I did quite a good job.

Overall having duties is more than worth it. All because of the pride to wear badges. Yes they gave me super powers! No, not like x-ray vision or super strength but the power to conquer my fears. But some not-so-fun things just have to stick in your memories don’t they?

What I am looking forward to is leaving this school knowing I have improved in everything no matter what. What I am not looking forward to is leaving this school. I try to freeze time but it seems like the more I try, the faster intermediate heads my way …

And as I walk my final step through the metal gates I remind myself: I will not leave this school empty-handed. Once again I thank the teachers for what they have done, the time they have given up and the courage they have put into leading me along the right paths. I thank my friends for always being on my side when disaster strikes. Most importantly, I will never forget our school motto and I will recall these words each day of my life.

‘Effort Brings Reward’

John Chen


In the past six years at Manurewa Central School I’ve learnt to behave, inspire, learn, teach, and be as responsible as I could ever be. Now that I’ve become mature and understanding my life at Manurewa Central School has been like finding a rare and pure diamond. The senior school has been very enlightening to me because I’ve learnt to deal with easy and difficult situations, put up with people who don’t respect other individuals as much, work with people from different cultures and also the supreme environment.

I have achieved the most I possibly could and I will never forget any of my past successes. I have been through many things but one that is the dearest to my heart is our wonderful deputy principal selecting me as one of the eight school councillors. Why you ask? It is because I never thought that I would be a school councillor. As soon as Miss Lindsay called my name out I was shocked and relieved at the same time. One of the biggest amazements to me is just how much effort and determination this role requires. Being a school councillor is very bewildering. It has taken me to the next step in responsibility and meeting the obligations expected of me. One thing that I’ve also learnt is that "With great power comes great responsibility."

I’ve fulfilled all of my dreams in primary school such as: ICAS, computer monitor, school councillor, interschool cross-country and soccer. Some of the other extra exciting activities that I’ve done are visiting the NZ Breakers at training, lunchtime activities and Woodhill Forest. Something that is just incredible is that two senior school classes are lucky enough to have their own iPads to support them in their learning.

I’ve accomplished several things at Manurewa Central School but I have not done this alone. I’ve been supported and taught by many teachers and I would just like to give them a very big thank you for all the time and effort they’ve put into helping me. I would also like to give the ultimate thank you to Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew for making this school happen and for guiding the other Year 6 students and me into the future.

Leaving Manurewa Central School will be the toughest challenge yet but I know that I can be the best I can be and never back down from achieving at the highest level possible. So thank you so much Manurewa Central School. If you try your absolute hardest you can guarantee that "Effort does bring Reward."

Moishna Moeen


It takes a minute to say hello. Why? I wonder why when it seems to take forever to say goodbye. Sometimes I wish I could control time and be a Year 6 again because leaving the best school in the world is hard to do.

As I think over all my memories in my past two years I remember that … I was scared about the senior school especially in Year 5. I thought teachers would growl at me but I found that the senior school has the coolest teachers. I was scared because when I was in Year four, children used to make me feel already scared before I even went to the senior school. But you should not judge people by their looks.

I’ve had many advantages like going to the Breakers when I went along with 29 other Year sixes. It was an awesome experience even though they looked like giants to all of us. Being a house captain and a librarian are awesome especially with badges. I am also a person who does flying squad and a wet day monitor. Now I can feel how teachers feel when children don’t listen. It is frustrating.

I have tried to go into many lunchtime activities. I have tried to make myself busy and do fun things with my friends. I was also lucky to go to nearly all of the outdoor education week. It helped me with my confidence a lot especially when I went to Woodhill Forest.

I thank all the teachers who have helped in the past six and a half years. You all know who you are and I will always remember you. I have always liked all the teachers I have had but I thank Mrs Zandbergen the most because she made me ready for intermediate and made me confident.

I have liked this school so much I don’t like leaving so many friends. I am going to finish with a saying, "There is one rubber band at the end of you and a friend. When one lets go and leaves it hurts the other…"

Harsimran Hundal