Year 6 Valedictions - 2013......


Joshua Sila

It all started 2 years ago when I was so nervous. The pain was just rushing through my body, like a dog biting through my skin. I entered the classroom. Do I talk or be quiet?

Ms Madden was the teacher I had when I first started. She taught me from wrong to right. She was a very nice humble teacher which made me be just like her.

Miss McHugh was a very nice teacher also but I had a very bad year. I had bad language, I had fights, I hit someone in the hand with a hockey stick. I went inside Miss Lindsay’s office for a long time. I got kicked out of sports’ teams and ‘Choices and Challenges’. But after a while the year ended and I was so relieved. I felt sorry for Miss McHugh who had to put up with me for a year!

Mrs McHaffie-Green is a very strict teacher. Trust me, when you do something bad she gets really annoyed. So this year was the best year so far because there was no bad language and no bad things happening for me. This year I’ve done a lot of good things. I have enjoyed a lot of my time at Manurewa Central School. I shall leave the past and move on.

Before I end I would like to say a big thank you to Miss Lindsay and Mr Thew for a lot of things.

Farewell my friends and staff.


Corilee Boylan

I have had an extraordinary year this year. It all started when I was sitting on the hot grey concrete waiting for my name to be called by Miss Lindsay. Heaps of things were rushing through my mind like a waterfall tumbling down. Anxiously I looked at my mum and my mum look back at me with a smile. My name was finally called out and I stood up. My knees were a bit wobbly at first but then I managed to keep my balance. My class was then led to our room by a very nice man, Mr Hunt. He had a smile on his face that was so delightful and welcoming that I knew straight away this was going to be a good year.

We were then safely seated in our new class. Of course we had already said our goodbyes to our parents and found our new desks. I sat next to one of my best friends Precious. Time flew by like a monarch butterfly gliding through the breeze.

The most enjoyable time of the year (Outdoor Education) had finally arrived. I was sooo excited. When I brought the permission slip back most of the spaces had already gone. I was at least able to kayak and on top of that to go rock climbing all in one day. Rock climbing was a real challenge. Later there was a notice for the people who didn’t get to go to Snowplanet giving them a chance to go with Miss Lindsay. I was lucky enough to get my parents to pay enabling me to go. It was sooo awesome.

Once outdoor education had finished it was back to doing regular schoolwork. It was almost halfway through the year and a lot had happened. My next highlight was going to MOTAT. It was really fascinating and my mum and aunty came as parent helpers. My mum and aunty teamed up forming a gigantic group. It was the best time ever especially the fact that my aunty and mum got to come. It was awesome.

Thank you to everyone who supported me the whole way through my six years.

I will remember you in my heart for now and forever.


Stanley Brabazon

In my early years at Manurewa Central School I had so much fun learning and playing. I loved it so much that I wanted to stay on the weekends. These days I wish that I could personally thank the person who invented weekends! Through all my years I’ve learnt to have fun learning. I would like to thank all the teachers, staff and especially my friends.

As I write this I’m thinking back to my favourite and worst memories like Outdoor Education Week or in Year four when I really stuffed up in our end of year performance in front of the senior school. I even remember that time I was late for a council meeting. Yeah, that was embarrassing! I’ll probably remember my friends and our supervisors. I’ve had some funny, strict and overall awesome teachers. I’ve also had some rivals, some friends, some others. I’m saying no names.

This awesome school has given me and other fellow students besides me a heck of a lot of opportunities and I’m now very confident in everything I do. Being here has made me smarter, given me more skills and I’ve learnt new things that sometimes I didn’t know existed.

A really special thanks to my family who supported me and came to everything through all my years here. They’ve been there for me all the time and even when they could be doing something fun they chose to do extra things that would help me with my school work.

So thanks guys.


Tisha Naiker

I wonder why it takes a second to say hi and forever to say goodbye …

I can’t believe how fast these last two years have been for me! Throughout my senior school life I have faced a lot of challenges. Luckily I had Mrs Zandbergen to the rescue! As I took my first steps in Room 14 as a Year 5 I knew it was going to be an amazing year for me. I appreciated all that she did for me so Mrs Zandbergen, thank you.

My life as a Year 6 will never be forgotten. I acknowledge all that Mrs Brown has done for me She taught me how to be a responsible librarian. Mrs Brown has helped me learn in all the subjects. I really liked creative writing and using the Literacy Shed on the smartboard.

Mr Hunt, thank you for teaching me and exploring the depths of maths. I have learnt a lot more about maths than I ever thought I would. As for Miss McHugh, Mrs McHaffie Green and Mr Baird thank you for being there for me and guiding me through my two years in the senior school.

"With great power comes great responsibility!"Miss Lindsay has taught me all about being a leader and being responsible. She also taught me respect, integrity, diversity and excellence. I will never forget Mr Thew and Miss Lindsay. They will always be in my heart. I will never forget how Manurewa Central was filled with activities during lunch and class times such as: choir, Irish dancing, library, ICT, sports, iPad etc. Fulfilling my dreams in primary school was extraordinary. I reached high goals such as being in ICAS, being a librarian and getting into the speech finals.

Forever in my heart will be my friends who have supported me and encouraged me during bad and good times. My friends have helped keep my future bright.

Manurewa Central School has helped me so much as when I started I was very shy but now I am very confident! Also Manurewa Central taught me how to stand up for myself in a tough situation. Since I have been here I have been able to communicate with teachers, parents and friends.

Finally I would like to share three unique words, "Effort Brings Reward!."


Mere Aria

I’m so surprised that one year can fly by so fast. I have made great memories with my friends and classmates. My teacher this year was my first and last teacher at Manurewa Central School (Mrs Zandbergen). She was helpful, caring and a beautiful teacher. Sadly she was expecting a baby, so she left half way through term 4 and Mrs Styles replaced her.

Manurewa Central has been the best school I’ve been enrolled in so far. The best thing is that everyone engages with each other and gets to know one another. People know that I’m not a girly girl, so some of my lunchtimes I do play a game of tennis with my friends plus Jeremie and Bradley or have a game of volleyball with a group of people. Now that’s what I mean when I say everyone engages with each other. I have never experienced this in any other school I’ve been in but I guess Manurewa Central is different.

I have had some ups and downs throughout the year, but I’ve made it through. I did go through challenging times but I faced all the challenges and made it. I loved reading, writing, maths and physical education. I used to be the kind of person who hated maths but when I met Miss McHugh she turned that all around. Miss McHugh’s way of maths was incredibly fun. Miss McHugh was always helpful and caring. She’s one of these teachers you would want to have.

Manurewa Central is a great south with a great principal, a great deputy principal and full of great teachers. Becoming a year seven means a whole new level in life for me.

Thank you Manurewa Central for all the love and care. FAREWELL!!


Ezekiel Ah Ching

I’ve had a lot of ups and I’ve had a lot of downs but I have still had a lot of fun at Manurewa Central School!

First of all I would like to say thank you to all my teachers from year 1 to year 6 for helping me on my journey in this school and making all the fun things happen.

I also would like to say thank you to Miss Lindsay for giving me the opportunity to join the Highwire programme and to Mr Grover for taking our group on those visits.

I would like to say thanks to the teachers who were able to organise the outdoor education trips. My favourite outdoor trip when I was in Year 5 was the Omana Beach activities and my favourite thing this year was the jetboat and rock climbing day.

My favourite teacher of all is Mr Baird because he has really helped me this year and he has been kind and indeed awesome!

The final thing I would like to say to all future year sixes. When you reach this stage you need to be responsible which the teachers always tell us. Also, you need to hand in all work by the specified deadlines and do your best at school.