Year 6 Valedictions - 2014......


Madisyn Denton-Priest

What a wild ride it’s been at Manurewa Central School. I’ve been held up by speed bumps but have kept trying and I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

I’d like to thank Mrs Tombolato for teaching me to count and learning to write, also learning poems, my alphabet and writing my name. I’d also like to thank Miss Cameron for helping me with my maths.

A very big thanks to Mrs McHaffie-Green for getting me ready for intermediate by teaching me to play hockey, learning my passing skills and art. I’ve loved art for years and Mrs McHaffie-Green has just shown me more techniques in painting and making me love it even more. Mrs McHaffie-Green taught me to learn to write properly with slope, flicks and linking.

My experience at Manurewa Central School has been amazing. I’ve loved every class that I’ve been in and have learned a lot of things. The most important one has been "Effort Brings Reward" and I’ll always have it in my heart.


Rhea Deo

I am so lucky to have amazing memories that make saying goodbye so hard…

I can’t believe how quickly these last two years have flown by. Well I was so thankful that I had Miss McHugh who helped me with my first year in the wonderful senior school. She had taught me the right things such as how to be an independent learner.

I was unsure about this year. I had no idea who the teacher was until I finally met her and she was full of new and wonderful ideas.

Miss Cameron made me learn and understand new ways to do creative things. Miss Cameron completed my final year. She is an important part in my time at Manurewa Central School.

What about the time I was holding my science board and the wind came and blew it into Tomilea’s face or the time when Miss Cameron asked me what I’ve done silly this year and everyone started laughing. The thing I was so excited about is being a TREMENDOUS house captain. It has shown me how to be a great leader. I have learnt to always be on time and do what is expected from me.

Mrs Brown has done a lot for me. She has taught me to be a responsible librarian and told me how to respect everyone and everything.

I can’t forget about that amazing lesson Miss Lindsay taught me. She left me with a great saying “With great power comes great responsibility” that will stay with me forever.

As for Mrs Dibben and Mr Thew, you have taught me about respect, integrity, diversity and excellence and the three spectacular words "Effort Brings Reward".

To all the teachers and classmates I have had in my life, thank you. All of you have contributed to who I am today, and all though I am far from perfect, I believe that I am a much better person than the person I would have been had I net met all of you.

It’s time to say bye and say hello to a new adventure.


Brooklyn Baker

It was the start of a big learning curve that I was going to be on for the next six years. It was 2009 and I was going to be here until 2014! What a scary thought to have.

I remember stepping up the room 1 steps, losing my confidence by the second. I opened the door and BOOM! Suddenly I saw a whole group of kids making lots of noise.

I moved in breathing in the air. It had a new classroom smell. For the first couple of weeks it was bad as I sobbed for mum every morning.

Confidence grew as the year went on. A chemistry developed between my class and the teacher.

The years were going so fast and I was suddenly going to the senior school with so many things to look forward to

However, change occurred. I missed year 5 as I had to go to another school. But that was short-lived! Year 6 has brought so many responsibilities and privileges and you always have to fulfil them.

Sports were one of my main priorities beside education when I came back. I wanted to get into the soccer, swimming and cross country and did that with touch as well. I had so much fun and learnt a lot during these sporting events. Mr Baird coached me in all of these events and he was great. He always wanted the best out of us.

Manurewa Central School has been amazing. I’m sure there never would have been a better school in South Auckland or even Auckland. My teacher, Miss McHugh, is amazing.

I’m proud to say I went to this school.


Kamenieli Aria

Throughout my whole life I have been to three schools, not including Manurewa Central.

The last three schools I have been to didn’t give me a once in a lifetime feeling like Manurewa Central. Somehow I knew that Manurewa Central School was going to be different.

The first time I walked through those big green gates I was shy and felt lost.

Over my first year as a year five, I had grown in confidence an learnt new skills. I also made friends that I will never forget and always keep in my heart.

Then when I was a year six I had a big responsibility as a school councillor.

Being a school councillor was a big honour.

I want to thank Miss McHugh and Mrs Brown, for all their hard work teaching me and guiding me.

I also want to thank Mrs Dibben and Mr Thew for supporting me along the way. This school has given me experiences that I will never forget.

The best part about Central was the range of sports they had. The sport that I enjoyed the most was volleyball. I was part of the interschool team two years in a row.

I also liked the variety of leadership opportunities there is in the school.

Being a school councillor is one of them, the others are house captains, computer monitors and librarians.

I am very sad to leave this school and move on to intermediate. I will look back at my years at Manurewa Central School with a big smile on my face.

Again I say I am very sad to leave, but when I go I will remember the school motto. "EFFORT BRINGS REWARD."


Kristy Kumar

Wow this was a fast year at Manurewa Central School and sadly this is also my last year.

MCS cleared that misty pathway and luckily I made it to the end of the year like magic!

I have enjoyed some things like being a librarian, joining the girls’ soccer team and lastly being a part of Outdoor Education Week.

I have been a librarian since the start of the year and I loved it. It was a great experience for me. It was a hard job, reading to small kids, putting books in the correct places, scanning and returning books, turning the computers off and the hardest job is chasing after kids that leave their books and hats.

Mrs Brown taught us how to be a librarian.

My friends and I wanted to be in this exciting event that our teacher was taking, Mr Baird our coach and teacher taught us how to play soccer the professional way. We were ranked 7th place at the interschool girls soccer tournament and had an awesome day.

For Outdoor Education Week I went on the harbour cruise with my dad, it was an exciting trip for me as I had never been on a boat in New Zealand.

It took one hour to go to the island, there were also 3 decks so we were interested and occupied.

I have enjoyed being at Manurewa Central School and hopefully I come back and become a teacher here and thanks to all those people who have helped me.


Nga Nguyen

Outdoor Education is one of the most vivid memories I have of year 6, especially Rock Climbing. Before that, I was afraid of heights.

A few metres and I would get … vertigo? Then when I went to Rock climbing, I looked around for an easy wall.

It was pretty easy. I just didn’t look down.

As soon as I looked down, I fell off. Luckily I had a harness attached. I went around all the courses and remembered that I was safe.

If I was to choose a golden age of this school, I would pick the middle school. There, I created the extremely long book.

It only had 48 pages. It was full of writing and drawings.

I also drew comics, about a dozen of them. They were usually 3 pages long, in black and white.

I had no social life back then.

I also wrote 30 pages of quotes. I got to page 26 when I realised that it was a bad idea. I threw it in the trash.