Year 6 Valedictions - 2015......



What a wild and thrilling adventure it has been at Manurewa Central School. Both the ups and downs of the choices I have made and all the great learning and experiences I have had over the 6 years at primary school.

I remember walking through the gate as nervous as I could be. Walking into that classroom 1 and crying for my mum because everyone there were people I didn’t know.

I wasn’t that keen to make friends but as the time went I started to play with some of the kids in my class.

Two years went by and now I was in a class with all my best friends lucky me! The middle school taught me something very important Effort Brings Reward, I cannot tell myself that enough.

Senior school, oh how I missed year 5. But year six was a whole new story. Thank you Mrs McHaffie-Green for teaching me Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. These four things are the most important things to learn and take into my future.

Being chosen for a school councillor was the most memorable moment of my life at school. People think that being a councillor is easy, but it takes a lot of commitment and persistence. Not only do you have to juggle school work but also extra jobs. It is a privilege as well as a task but at the end of the year it is all worth it.

A new journey awaits ahead. I’m scared but I know that I can do it for I am from Manurewa Central School.



At this school I have achieved many great things. I have achieved distinctions for both of my science investigations and also competed in the ICAS maths competition.

I also own a Manurewa Central School pen which I will treasure for many years.

My friends have been so kind to me at this school. They have helped me learn so many things this year and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done.

The first teacher I had at this school was Mrs Brown, she straightened me out.

This year Miss Cameron was my teacher. She is nice like every teacher at this school and she cares about what’s happening at home and will listen to whatever you say.

My time at this school has come to an end. Coming to this school was the best decision of my life and I will never forget this school.

Everyone I have met here will have a special place in my heart.



Starting a new school isn’t that easy when you don’t know anyone and all you see are strangers but you’ve still got to talk to them to be their friend, even if your mum has told you not to talk to strangers!

I even remember my first lunch where I had an apple, a ham sandwich and chips.

Commencing at year one and getting to year six is like climbing up a mountain and every time I stopped I would learn something new.

At my time at Manurewa Central School I had some good times like coming second in the speech competition for year three and when I was also a year three on my birthday I was taken to room 14 and they sang happy birthday.

When we had outdoor education week I ate a yummy burger and I wanted more.

As a year six Liam let me play with his Minecraft toys until we started playing on the playground.

During my time here I have learnt the values of respect, integrity, diversity and excellence.

Next week it will be the last time I come to this school and I would like to thank all of the teachers who have got me ready for the future.



Do you remember your first day of school?

Feeling confused, missing your parents and not knowing where you are? Well that’s how I felt when I started school.

I have been at school for the past 6 years. Sadly my journey at Manurewa Central is coming to an end.

I was happy to be a year 6. Being a year 6 made me feel like a leader of the school and a role model to the juniors.

In my last year of MCS I was in Mrs Brown’s call in Room 13.

She is very creative and an excellent dog owner. I didn’t really want to be in Room 13 but now I have wonderful friends in my class and I really enjoy it now because I like doing wonderful art.

I have enjoyed joining cultural groups and showing leadership by being a librarian.

I joined Whanau which is a Maori group.

I signed up to be a leader and I hoped to be one.

Mrs Kendall the excellent teacher of Whanau was announcing the leaders. When I heard my name at assembly I felt blessed and over the moon.

I really loved the Whanau badge that I got, showing it to everyone it was awesome.

Being in Room 13, being a Whanau leader and a librarian will be a vivid memory for me. All my teachers over the past 6 years have taught me respect and to strive for the best.

Don’t forget effort brings reward.



Mrs Zandbergen was the teacher I had for the year 2015. She was obviously different to Mrs McHaffie-Green.

Mrs Zandbergen has told us a lot of things to prepare us for intermediate.

I wasn’t expecting this year to end so early, I thought this year would take a while to end but sadly it is nearly over.

Mrs Zandbergen has set me up for intermediate. She’s amazed me this year with what and how she teaches me.

Mrs Zandbergen has been my most favourite teacher in this school, because I feel like she understands me, even though I’m in trouble I always feel the same.

Before I ever end up leaving this knowledgeable school I would like to say thank you very, very much to Mrs Zandbergen, Mr Thew, Mrs Dibben, and also Mrs McHaffie-Green.

You have all helped me along the way and I will never forget the lessons that you have taught me.

I will always remember these three simple but encouraging words, EFFORT BRINGS REWARD.



Imagine a poor little girl, scared, no friends, no one to play with although she has a twin sister, the other 498 kids are strangers.

This little girl has just had her first day at school and survived. Yay!

The little girls’ first teacher was the one, the only Mrs Tombolato! Flash, flash photographer other people knew her as.

Another scared little kid called Katalaina had to take care of the little girl and her sister. The little girls’ life was going great, until she had to move to Room 23 in the middle of the year.

Her brand new teacher was Miss Kendall and is probably the best teacher the little girl could even ask for. Next year the little girl moved to Room 5 with Mrs Kendall and she was prepared. That year zoomed by.

In Year 3, she was with Miss Sumner who is on the top teachers list.

A big talent quest was held at school and the girl entered with her sister. She placed 3rd singing "School is so much fun!" It really is. Just like that Year 4 came.

She was with Ms Turner with her two friends Katalaina and Ayianna. She entered the talent quest again with Kat, Ayianna and her sister. Her group place 1st!! Her whole group was so happy.

In Year 5 she was with the lovely brand new teacher, Miss Cameron. The little girl had a brand new friend called Chloe G.

Miss Cameron was another one of those best teachers. She made the year so fantastic that the happy little girl went to Year 6 just like that.

Well, at least it felt like that. But it wasn’t as exciting because each day she got closer and closer to her last day at Manurewa Central School.

The little girl had awesome years at MCS. Guess what! That little girl was me.

I will never forget Miss Lindsay, Mrs Dibben, Mr Thew, my friends and all the teachers I’ve met here. It was so hard to write this valediction and say goodbye.

Goodbye Manurewa Central School, you are the best primary school anyone could ever ask for.