Year 6 Valedictions - 2016......

When I first walked into Manurewa Central School, I suddenly realised that pre-school was over.

No more naps, no more snacks, no more playing for hours. It was all gone and my new learning journey was about to start.

Looking back I can’t believe that I have been here for 6 years.

A big thank you to all my teachers.


Saying hello to a new school as a Year 1 was not easy.

Everyone was a stranger. But gradually I made friends, got to know the teachers and routines and started to love this school.

My favourite memories are sewing, cooking and high tea in the middle school.


I can still remember my first day of school in Room 17.

I was scared and nervous but after a while I settled in and felt quite welcomed.

There are many special memories of my time here but I’ll share a couple that have a special place in my heart.

I loved performing to friends and family in Chotae Bache and our hard work paid off as we got great comments.

I have enjoyed my work as a senior student. Some activities were fun and others were challenging which made me think hard.I feel sad saying goodbye but it is time to move on to intermediate school. I’ll always remember our school moto "Effort Brings Reward".


It was my first day at school.

I didn’t know what to do, who to trust and how to do it. However, I have really enjoyed my time at school and the fun trips I have been on including: outdoor education week, the zoo, Vodafone Events Centre, and visiting all the other different and exciting places.

I also enjoyed the different sports we play such as rugby, volleyball, classroom PE and athletics day. But sadly my journey at Manurewa Central School has come to an end.

It has been a very special place in my life and I will never forget our main words: respect, integrity, diversity and excellence.


Man can you believe it?

It’s 2016 and we’re all grown up. It feels like yesterday that I was screaming as an infant begging my mum to take me home!

It’s been quite an adventure to be honest from Year 1 all the way to Year 6 and I’m quite sad and yet proud to be ending my adventure at this school.

I will always remember "Effort Brings Reward".


When I first started at this school, I wasn’t that confident in myself but a friend taught me how to balance school work, be a friend and make new friends.

My parents were probably the biggest influence on me.

They told me, as long as you try your hardest, you’ve made us proud.

I finally believed in myself.

I know I’ve had my ups and downs with my teachers and my friends, but I’ve realised that to be a good student you just have to try your best.


I remember my first day of school, walking through the big, green pointed gates.

I was squeezing my mum’s hand. But little did I know that behind those gates were the best teachers, many opportunities, friendly students and a truck load of fun.

I am very proud of all my achievements.

I have learnt and done so much during my time here at Manurewa Central School.

I am very sad to leave.


Through my years at Manurewa Central School I have developed a variety of qualities and skills which have helped me get where I am now.

One thing I have remembered is our school values which are respect, integrity, diversity and excellence, as well as our motto "Effort Brings Reward". Ever since, well middle school, when I understood what they meant, I have lived up to those words and look where they’ve got me!

What I enjoyed about being at this school is the range of activities and opportunities that offer extra ways to achieve.

So since I am leaving I’d like to acknowledge all the people that helped me to get where I am today.