Year 6 Valedictions - 2017......

A boy was lost. Not knowing his place in the world. Then, he arrived at Manurewa Central School where he was pushed further than a vehicle can go.

This year was the hardest year for all these seven years I’ve been here. With graduation, leaving the school and intermediate to think about, it all just rushes your mind. Your life just accelerates past. As Steve Jobs says, "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vison pulls you." And my vision is pulling me towards graduation and intermediate. I realised near the end of 2016 that I didn’t want to leave Manurewa Central. But it was on my birthday that I realised, it’s now or never.

I never realised until now, that every ending is a new beginning. Leaving primary, new beginning. Leaving friends, new beginning. Leaving teachers, new beginnings. And of course at the end of every year comes a whole new year. Even though I am leaving my friends, good friends don’t say ‘Goodbye’, they say ‘see you soon.’ The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained. A memory lasts forever. True friends stay together. They never say goodbye.

To wrap up my years here at Manurewa Central School I would like to say one more thing. ‘Today, I close the door to my past, open the door to my future, take a deep breath, step on through and read a new chapter in the book of life.’


Ko Whakatere te Maunga
Ko Ngatokomatawhairoa te waka
Ko Waimai te awa
Ko Otatara te marae
Ko Ngapuhi te iwi
Ko Pani Mokaraka te rangatira
Ko Elizabeth taku mama
Ko Benjamin taku papa
Ko Anaru taku ingoa

I’ve come from being a little 5 year old boy to being a school councillor. My teachers, my friends and my family have helped on this wonderful journey. I’m proud of a lot but one that stands out is being a leader in taōnga tapu. I’ve also learnt "Effort Brings Reward" and through my efforts I’ve received awards, I’ve also achieved my goals in hockey and my personal goal of becoming a school councillor. Overall this journey has been great it’s sad to be saying goodbye to this school.


I am proud of my achievements and my learning. I will never forget Manurewa Central School because I’ve learnt about respect, integrity, diversity and excellence.

(Respect means taking care of one another, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking, diversity means treating others how you wanted to be treated and last but not least excellence. Excellence is being responsible for your learning).

I have been here at Manurewa Central School for 2 years and I have enjoyed sports. We have done netball, rugby, soccer, basketball and tennis. I acknowledge my friends and teachers, I would like to thank them for helping me. But sadly my day has come to an end. I will never forget Manurewa Central School, but the most important words I will never forget are "Effort Brings Reward."


Salty tears rolled down my eyes as I walked through a huge green gate for the first time. As I walk into my first class I was nervous and scared. I was also amazed how I saw new faces and my first teacher.

The greatest highlight was going to Chosen Valley camp. We spent 2 days at the camp and my dad came to help. I liked going on the water slide and the kayaks. I loved it there. By then I had grown up and I made more friends.

Another great highlight of this year was when I represented my school rugby team at Bruce Pulman and came first place. I’ve represented by school in many sports throughout the year. The sports I have been involved in were … rugby, league and netball. As a person in a movie said "Good journeys must come to an end." I was really sad.

The hardest part is saying goodbye to this school. I will miss all my teachers and I will always remember our school motto.



My time at Manurewa Central School is coming to an end. I have been at this school my whole life and I don’t want to go. My journey here all started in Room One. I had a nervous look on my face, my legs were shaking and my hand was firmly gripped around mum’s fingers. It was my first day at Manurewa Central School. I was excited but very nervous at the same time. As I walked into Room 1 and looked around, the rest of the class were practising their alphabets. I quickly joined in. Before I knew it I was having the time of my life.

All my years at Manurewa Central School have been a blast, but my favourite was this year as a Year 6. There are so many good memories to look back at this year including camp, netball and just hanging out with my friends. I also really like spending time with the teachers. They have a younger sense of humour than I thought.


I once read a quote that said, ‘Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.’ And in this scenario, everyone at school has changed my life for the good.

From the first day of school, I knew that ‘Excellence Comes from Effort’, it’s even our school motto: Effort Brings Reward. I’ve only learnt this year how this motto generates the true excellence it can produce in our lives; which isn’t a trophy or a certificate, or popularity or appreciation, but the joy it can give you, the love and pride it can make you feel, and the smile it can spread on your face. But I wouldn’t have known these little things if it weren’t for the journey I experienced. The journey through primary school.


Three years have been passed already and those years have been the most challenging and hard working times of my childhood so far. They were also very fun! Manurewa Central School has not only been a great school but the best primary school I’ve been in and we can all agree that we have a lot of memories here.

My top three highlights have always been cooking hasselback potatoes with the famous Mrs Sowden and eating them afterwards, representing the school in interschool swimming for two years and last but not least learning how to play the violin with an enthusiastic man, Joseph Allan. I learned how to play Ode to Joy in a month, Aotearoha in six months and Drunken Sailor in either months.

This school was the only school I could really let my inner creativity come out the door. I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the teachers and students who helped me at this school. I will always remember those three words "Effort Brings Reward".


Walking through the intimidating green gates, I suddenly was full of fear of the unknown. Next on the mat. "Everybody this is Lachlan."Mrs Tombolato announced. Everyone was so friendly, I could tell this was the right school. Years have passed and I am now year 6 and a house captain.

The senior school has been quite a step up in expectations, deadlines and consequences. I’ve made loads of new friends, gained new skills and had an awesome time. Manurewa Central was certainly the right place to go.

My time here is now coming to an end but the memories I’ve made will stay with me forever. This school has given me opportunities other schools couldn’t give. I’ve learnt lots of things I need for the future. My time here has been amazing and I know our school will continue to do and look after all the students. It is true that "Effort Brings Reward."


Walking through the green gates for the really last time will be depressing for I have made lots of new friends who were like family to me. I have had new teachers who looked after me in their class like a son.

Starting my primary life in room 1 with Mrs Tombolato, I then moved to Room 24. This room was my first steps to what was coming up. Mr kindergarten friends, Lachie, Alistair and Netani made it easier for me to fit into this school. The years went by until Room 23 came along. Then I learnt to play the ukulele. More years went by and I finally reached Year 6.

Now this is where things got exciting.

Being a councillor was something special but participating in the school life was something else. Since it’s my last year here I wanted to try everything. I went to hockey which I definitely enjoyed. Going out of my comfort zone I tried rugby league. It was new to me and so was netball. Although those are sports I wanted to try something cultural as well. So I joined Taonga Hapu where I learnt new things about the Maori.

Something I will take from here to my new school is that school is like a mountain you are trying to climb. There will be some easy parts and some parts you really have to fight to get up but as you reach the top you will feel you have accomplished something special. When you look outwards you see a new challenge. Effort really does bring reward.